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Strengthen the significant move of officeholder management
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Strengthen the significant move of officeholder management

In print and distribute of ministry of group department human affairs " officeholder assesses a regulation (try out) "

In print and distribute of group ministry, human affairs ministry " officeholder assesses a regulation (try out) " (the following abbreviation " regulation " ) . " regulation " it is a basis with officeholder law, absorbed the officeholder that is carried out to prove effective in recent years to assess policy measure at the same time, of the basic principle that assesses to officeholder, content and standard, program, result make in order to and relevant matters concerned made comprehensive provision.

Management of official of human affairs ministry manages chief says, " regulation " come on stage, fulfil science to develop view and concept of correct achievement in one's post to be being carried out in the round, the heart that evaluates official objectively just is behaved and working gain, normative officeholder checks the work, promote diligent politics cheap politics, improve working efficiency, build the officeholder team of high quality, have important sense.

" regulation " point out, officeholder assessment should hold to the objective justice, principle that pays attention to gain, execute leader and masses photograph union, at ordinary times union, as qualitative as fixed photograph the method that is united in wedlock with mensurable photograph, undertake according to formulary attributive, condition, standard and program. To the assessment of officeholder, the position duty with officeholder and assume working job are basic basis, comprehensive assessment heart, can, diligent, accomplishment, cheap, the key checks working gain.

" regulation " point out, the result branch that officeholder year checks is basic and outstanding, competent, competent with asymmetry duty 4 grade, among them the number of outstanding place in a series, master in this mechanism to attend the 15% less than of the officeholder total number that year examines commonly, do not exceed 20% at most. " regulation " the order that checks to year made clear demand: First by be made sum up with concerned requirement according to position duty by assessment officeholder, it is inside certain limits report one's work; Director leader is listening to masses and him officeholder on the foundation of the opinion, the basis assesses circumstance and individual summary at ordinary times, draw up commment, put forward assessment to grade suggests and improve the requirement that raise; The official that is outstanding place in a series to protocol is public inside this mechanism limits show; By this body chief or the assessment committee of accredit assesses grade certainly; assessment the result is assessed with written form announcement officeholder, sign an opinion by him officeholder. Set at the same time, lead the assessment of functionary officeholder to holding the position of machine inside Shanghaiguan to set an orgnaization, can undertake democratic evaluation inside certain limits when necessary.
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