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[Xinjiang] 7 cities plan to build talent website alliance
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Http://www.jmsrc.com 2007 year on January 25 15:30

[Xinjiang] 7 cities plan to build talent website alliance

On January 19, come from Urumqi, Chang Ji, spit rash time, Shi He child, the controller of the human affairs branch of 5 domestic canal, Mi Dongxin area and each talent market is assembled in mound health city, held Urumqi city economy the 3rd times to encircle joint meeting of talent market unifinication. Put forward to build the proposal of alliance of website of 7 cities qualified personnel on the meeting.

You Fukang city sponsors current meeting, attend the meeting the delegate of 7 cities was listening to conference of previous term or session to undertake Fang Shihe child after town report worked 2006, right at present communication of 7 cities qualified personnel and resource are shared, after the current situation of area talent collaboration and development and the problem that solve urgently undertake discussion, agree think, 7 cities propose the way that mode of intensive talent flow just is development in all only. Sponsor Fang Fukang city to built mode of intensive talent flow when to put forward to suggest, get accord admissive.

Above all, 7 cities should build urban economy to encircle talent website alliance as soon as possible, the talented person that the conformity of net of human affairs talent that becomes independent 7 cities relatively unifies for communicates platform, open member qualification each other with allied form, release talent invite applications for a job freely to apply for information for allied member, make full use of resource of allied talent library, realize talent database resource to share stage by stage. Next, building talent communication platform while, 7 cities pass the construction of pair of hardware establishment, each other of service of representative of work up human affairs tells working mechanism and graduate of old technical secondary school each other sends a mechanism, develop 7 intercity talent to send professional work jointly. In the meantime, with learned man of each other group, scientific research the form such as expert communication begins of all kinds exam model groom, socialization grooms and compound model the talent grooms integratedly; Groom by what human affairs branch issues related the city inside municipality, corps and economic circle certificate, 7 cities are approbated at the same time, implementation education, groom, the altogether of resource each other of the exam is enjoyed and the each other of certificate of qualification of market of person with ability of urban economy pen admits or join. In eliminate administrative camp respect, 7 cities must eliminate market segmentation, form the benign collaboration mechanism of dominant of governmental guiding, market stage by stage, common form builds environment of the environment of talent legal system of fair competition and talent zoology.
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