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The our city begins administrative power to clear reach a work out to make publi
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The our city begins administrative power to clear

Reach a work out to make public scroll work

Basis " government of people of city of beautiful Mu Si clears about city of Mu Si of beautiful of print and distribute the announcement that administrative power establishment publicizes scroll work program " (beautiful politics is sent [2006]33 date) file spirit, from December 2006 the middle ten days of a month begins, the our city began power of whole town administration to clear, weave public directory works. Clear the job with " advance in the round lawfully administration carries out compendium " and " information of Heilongjiang province government sets publicly " for the basis, in order to guarantee the democratic right of people, the prime increase that defends people is jumping-off place and stay dot, through clearing, open administration power, action of further normative administration, optimize government affairs environment, promote diligent politics cheap politics, improve administrative efficiency, to drive society of whole city economy fast health develops, implementation " enrich the people Xing Jia " cross newly jump and compose builds harmonious beautiful Mu Si to make new contribution. Clear the principle that the job follows is: Powers and authorities of office is legal principle; Cut efficiency principle; Be in again normative principle; Comprehensive and true principle; Convenient and quick principle.

The limits that administrative power clears:

(one) section of municipal government job and directly under orgnaization;

(2) the institution of municipal government directly under that has administrative function;

(3) straight mechanism of the province in be stationed in beautiful and the institution that have administrative function;
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