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Countrywide cadre taught 2006 ━ 2010 groom program
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Countrywide cadre taught 2006 ━ 2010 groom program

Xinhua net Beijing on January 14 report) the Central Committee of Communist Party of China recently print and distribute " countrywide cadre taught 2006 ━ 2010 groom program " , issue an announcement, departmental door union carries out requirement various places actually seriously carry out.

Countrywide cadre taught 2006 ━ 2010 groom program

Bring up team of high quality cadre for education, drive " 915 " period economy society develops, basis " economy of countryman of People's Republic of China and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " and " cadre education grooms working rules (try out) " (the following abbreviation " the cadre teachs byelaw " ) , combinative cadre education grooms the work is real, establish this program.

One, suit " 915 " period economy society admits need, education of farther play cadre grooms action of sex of strategical, foundation

Height of our party all through the ages takes cadre education seriously to groom the job, it is important to hold to a of the construction of the job of sex of a foundation that the job regards the career that assures a party as shape up and party to groom cadre education groom cadre education from beginning to end content, education brought up key members of a batch of another batch of leaders and outstanding talent. "15 " during, according to the need of reforming and opening and modernization, the Party Central Committee was made large-scale groom the cadre, strategy deploy that improves cadre quality substantially, cadre education grooms the career enters new great progress period. Carry out with development study " 3 delegates " serious thought and scientific progress view attach most importance to a dot, drove the new climax that entire party theory learns, the armed brains, directive practice, standard that urges the job had the Marxism that broad cadre wears with development to rise newly; Work around party and country closely overall situation, the education of code of the course policy policy that develops a party deep, state law and professional knowledge grooms, broad cadre is reforming and opening and the competence that modernization serves to increase further; Institute of institute of institute of Chinese Pudong cadre, cadre of Chinese the Jinggang Mountains, Chinese Yan'an cadre builds, senior manager institute establishs Chinese Dalian, as complementary as dominant position of institute of administration of central Party school, state, compose builds a national level cadre to groom base new structure; " the cadre teachs byelaw " promulgate carry out, cadre education grooms working management system is perfected ceaselessly with moving mechanism, science is changed, the system is changed, standardization construction obtains significant progress; Reform innovation strength is increased further, the cadre teachs groomed specific aim and actual effect sex to increase apparently. Cadre education grooms labour regards construction as team of high quality cadre, drive " 15 " progress of period economy society produced main effect.
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