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Position of teacher of invite applications for a job of college of Mu Si technic
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Institute of technician of beautiful Mu Si is approval of Heilongjiang province government, municipal Party committee of beautiful Mu Si, municipal government optimizes conformity to establish, the professional technology that appraisal of training of education of collect record of formal schooling, academic education, ability, skill is an organic whole is omnibus school. The institute covers an area of a face to accumulate 1.52 million square metre, the student is close 7000 people. As the amplification of the grow in quantity of amount of source of student, managerial dimensions, the institute needs a batch of outstanding professional class teachers. It is a center with area of beautiful Mu Si now, face whole society to make public invite applications for a job, each district of greeting whole nation is outstanding the talent joins in my courtyard.

One, teacher:

(one) condition of invite applications for a job:

1, have record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, the age is under 40 one full year of life.

2, the person that have technical position of intermediate above major (contain technician) , record of formal schooling and age can relax appropriately.

3, the person that have teaching work experience or exercitation guidance capacity, record of formal schooling and age can relax appropriately.

(2) , plan of invite applications for a job:

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