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Chinese doctor counts the world the first! Half officeholder
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Http://www.jmsrc.com 2008 year on May 7 8:34

Degree of the State Council does academician of director Yang Yuliang to disclosed a few days ago, our country already exceeded the United States to become the largest doctor's degree on the world to grant a state, and after the doctor graduates before 9 be in into above college and job of place of scientific research courtyard are different, doctoral obtain employment appears now new trend, above of half the number enters a government, should go up officeholder.

Our country doctor teachs the rapid development of dimensions, it may be said is to be fond of already care. "Happy event " is, the doctor of our country fosters dimensions to had exceeded the United States. Data shows, our country has a doctor to award the college of authority to already exceeded 310, and the United States has 253 only. 2006, the doctor that the United States trains has 51 thousand person, the doctor that our country trains already amounted to 49 thousand person; 2007, chinese doctor number continues to rise, already exceeded 50 thousand person. And " care " is, wait for many sided reason as a result of socioeconomy development, the doctor of education has quite scale was not engaged in accepting a doctor to teach relevant research work with place to scientific research unit, arrived however the post with not high demand of a few other learning.

Why does educational dimensions meet our country doctoral student not be engaged in learning studying the work in a large number of doctors (or the society cannot offer corresponding learning to study post) below setting, appear so rapid development?

Above all, "Tall encyclopedia " the joint pursuit that a large number of undergraduate course colleges and universities in becoming the past 10 years run a school, many colleges are in when measuring school education level, contend for the managerial job with enlarge doctoral graduate student to foster dimensions to regard as doctoral check the number, main. Some schools are to go up conditionally, without the condition creation condition also wants to go up -- , the course group that includes whole to introduce other school, many invite rich of outside school part-time job to guide etc. In this one process, these schools often are too busy the quality that attend to doctoral student fosters, the learning that analyses doctoral students actively develops prospect. An adviser brings graduate student of a few many 10 doctoral student, Masters at the same time, the student cannot accept an adviser to show the case that undertakes learning trains, not scarce in the college.
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