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Bureau of town occurrences in human life releases administration to execute the
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Http://www.jmsrc.com 2008 year on June 27 7:53

One, forbidden violate compasses exceed one's authority to examine and approve reach the person that disobey legal process to examine and approve; to violate to give a warning, mark serious offence or demote disciplinary action.

2, forbidden jobbery has create difficulties for sb, rude service to serving a target, forbidden opposite to serving object or administration person is strapped, take, card, should, malpractice; The person that violate inspects a clue to give warning, record a demerit, mark serious offence disciplinary action.

3, forbidden accept service object or administration the fete of opposite person and gift, case gift, negotiable securities; Bribe of forbidden jobbery all alone or submit an expense account the bill that should pay by the individual; The person that violate inspects clue weight to give warning, record a demerit, mark the disciplinary action such as the serious offence.

4, forbidden weekday drinks midday; The person that violate inspects clue weight to offer notice of criticism, groom from hillock or punishment of warning.

5, forbidden undertake condemnatory without legal basis, collect fees or do not issue legal note or open bill less to carry out punishment; The person that violate offers notice of criticism, transfer punish of post or warning, record a demerit.

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