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Salary of hall of province human affairs is in about preserving an institution "
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Http://www.jmsrc.com 2008 year on July 22 10:57

Each city (the ground) , county (city) human affairs bureau, the province is straight, medium human affairs of straight each unit (cadre) place:

In institution standard subsidiary allowance job is carried out before, the graduate of old technical secondary school that to allocating after July 1, 2006 the cadre mixes the military be transferred to civilian work of the institution to have a job newly and transfer into by mechanism, enterprise the cadre of the institution, can press oneself the post June 30, 2006 and working fixed number of year (point to the fixed number of year that has a job actually) affirmatory " scroll upgrades " reservation forehead (specific reservation standard sees subordinate list) , tentative reservation is in subsidiary allowance project, when waiting for institution standard ferry to stick allowance once more add up.

Novitiate personnel implements 20 yuan of standards, standard of lowest of one's job Wu is implemented after rating.

Inform to be carried out since the month from dispatch originally.

Note: When examining and approve, need to carry archives, work out this.

Add: The scroll of reservation upgrades frontal standard is expressed (watch one, watch 2)

Material benefits of wages of hall of province human affairs and from emeritus place

2 8 years 00 on June 26

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