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Group of leader of institution reform of city of beautiful Mu Si is begun about
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Http://www.jmsrc.com 2008 year on October 6 10:35

Institution reform of city of beautiful Mu Si heads a group

Begin about the institution " 6 Qing Dynasty " working announcementFile

Beautiful thing changes [2008]1 date

City concerns an unit each continuously:

On September 18 according to secretary of municipal Party committee Comrade Lin Xiushan the institution reforms the speaking spirit on the informal discussion, what reform to cooperate our city institution is successful begin, make a thorough investigation of further whole town the fundamental condition of the institution, working group of city institution reform decides, since October 6, to 2008 the end of the year, in whole town the institution is begun with " Qing Dynasty of duty Qing Dynasty, orgnaization work out, personnel Qing Dynasty, ginseng protects Qing Dynasty of circumstance Qing Dynasty, asset, indebted Qing Dynasty " be main content " 6 Qing Dynasty " the job. Good to begin this job, make this plan especially.

One, basic principle

(one) hold to with lawfully check duty attachs most importance to a dot, the principle that executes departure of look forward to of government affairs, thing.

(2) hold to the principle that a main content is in charge of, avoid administrative duty across to dispute over trifles.

(3) hold to indebted and asset, clear principle, assure state-owned asset not prediction of a person's luck in a given year.
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