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Jiamusi implementation of the "four projects" to speed up the pace through human
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In recent years, closely around the implementation of Jiamusi City, "one city, two districts with two" development strategy, from the geographical characteristics, industrial layout, resources start to implement the "four projects" to affect and accelerate the pace of talent city. GDP in 2009 the city completed 43.27 billion yuan, achieving a five-year double; the general budgetary revenue 1.45 billion yuan, doubling for three years to achieve.

First, focus on building the core area of agriculture in the Sanjiang Plain, the capable lead as the focus, the implementation of "hundreds of development projects President"

City focuses on promoting the comprehensive development of modern agriculture construction of the core area of testing to catch leaders focus on the implementation of "hundreds of development projects, president," farmer cooperative organizations in the city were selected about 100 strong, high-impact, rich entrepreneurs could lead farmers The President of the Association or Co-operative Society, focused on the development of training, focusing on support. Large-scale training. The establishment of the talent market as the main base of agricultural and vocational college and demonstration of the "wings" of the training pattern to the cities and counties with training institutions, the town has popular schools, evening schools in villages, some farmers. Demonstration of high standards. Established 20 municipal and county personnel training and practical demonstration bases in rural areas, relying on vocational training base group, party secretary of the college held classes in rural areas, rural secondary school classes and the rural Party members practical skills training courses. Full range of services. Formation of the Sanjiang Plain Agricultural Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone Talent Service Center, a talent repository. Developed a land transfer, technical support, funding and other preferential policies 10.

Second, around the building and equipment manufacturing base, the upgrading in order to focus on the implementation of "high-skilled personnel training project"

To promote the upgrading of old industrial bases, we vigorously strengthen the training of highly skilled personnel. Integration of resources. The city's 20 secondary vocational schools integrate the Jiamusi Vocational Education Group, the formation of a specialized system of eight, and 36 brands of professional vocational education "carrier." Construction base. Adhere to the "training base, base to build a network of" first in the province into teaching, training, identification, scientific research, "one" identification of a comprehensive public training base. School-enterprise cooperation. Coordination Committee set up school-enterprise cooperation, according to business needs, and vigorously promote the "Order" culture.

Third, the east central city area around the play advantages to branding, focusing on the implementation of "Project Celebrity"

Municipal focus on enhancing the city's comprehensive service functions and radiation level, proposed the construction of 11 high-end service center's strategic objectives, through the implementation of "Project Celebrity", to build the city brand. Construction of schools selected teacher. To create the "Three Rivers Education City" as the main objective, the implementation of "teacher works." Name of hospital doctors to create comments. Implementation of the "renowned works" to carry out "tree doctors, Kin Branch, a name of hospital" activities. Celebrity trees to build cities. Implementation of the "culture of celebrity Sanjiang project" to enhance the image and visibility of the city of Jiamusi.

Fourth, focus on the development of regional economic integration in order to focus on intelligence sharing, the implementation of "gather it works"

Party to take "by the brain development", "resource sharing" and other measures to implement the "just works together." Sharing the county field personnel. Build a unified and open market of human resources in rural areas in Sanjiang region, the establishment of the county field visits and regular exchange of cadres and attachment system. Project development talent attraction. To establish postdoctoral Industrial Park, Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and other innovative business platform, in investment, project development gather talent. Section will set up the stage to attract talent. Apricot Festival by three rivers, the International Tourism Festival stage, attract domestic and foreign experts and scholars to the city to carry out all kinds of academic exchanges and technical advisory activities. Russia and South Korea and Japan 4 cities became sister cities, to carry out cultural exchanges and cooperation projects. Russia open to the introduction of talent. High-tech Zone set up in Russia Cooperation Council, with Russia more than 100 research institutes to establish a long-term relationship. Intellectual cooperation projects between China and Russia held talks, fairs and other agricultural machinery exhibition, more than 150 cooperation agreements signed, the implementation of cooperation projects in 63. The first half of this year, the city put in place investment funds 6.54 billion, an increase of 86%.