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Allow the method of 3 kinds of management of person be convinced
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The starting point that since of be convinced making a person runs, also be administrative target, because want to let others take action, must allow the word that the person believes to you say above all, if others is believed far from to what what you say, management also is mentioned with respect to have no way. How can you just let person be convinced so? Have 3 kinds of methods generally speaking, it is theory, politics and morality respectively (religion) , namely the convince people by reasoning that people often says, with situation pressing the person is mixed with affection moving, cent is narrated as follows.

One, academic

Theory is logic, place factual preach to manage namely, the argument that makes others various and excuse speak out, next a ground has analysis and explanation, let a person be sincerely convinced finally, this is convince people by reasoning.

2, politics

Politics uses ascendancy to let a person refuse to obey namely also must take, guan Dayi class presses a the dead, your interest and future master in my hand, disobedient have to buckle salary to perhaps fry your squid, cannot have any excuse so, be being carried out simply is. This is typical with situation pressing person.

3, morality (religion)

Religion is the belief that does not need reason, do not ask why, want to believed to go only. Commonly used view is: I am for completely hello, our so good relationship, can I cheat you? It is good to go doing by what I say. This is with affection moving.

Pass the analysis above everybody is OK very the implication that carries controller clearly and manner understand what he adopts is what government measure, also knew at the same time " without any excuse " what did the popularity of one book show. In the meantime, we often with affection “ the administrative measure of moving ” and “ are equal for this ” with the person rise, easy oversight is concealed in ever since religious colour.

The method that uses convince people by reasoning will undertake management is the most difficult, because need to master very powerful academic tool, what know perfectly well the other side to say otherwise is crooked truth can be to cannot use a truth to convince each other, must turn then to use the 2nd or the 3rd kind of method undertakes administrative.