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Boss of civilian look forward to pulls close quarters with employee so
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In recent years, bosses of a lot of civilian look forward to begin great on close employee do manual work to make: Open employee to interview mailbox of day, enlightened employee, dine together with average employee, accompany employee to take a picture etc. Recently, group of bird of announce good news opened “ president to recieve day of ” , let employee of a gleam of be recieved in this opinion, proposal offers to president directly in day, pull with this close the distance with employee.
Last week 5, day of ” is recieved in the first “ president of assembly room of group of bird of announce good news in, a lot of average employee reflect the problem that encounters in the job, life to president directly, handle official bussiness for instance time of flow, work and rest, compensation. According to ministry of resource of manpower of bird of announce good news relevant controller introduces, can understand the difficulty of employee, need forthrightly more on one hand so, in order to offer more the management that human nature turns and service; On the other hand, pass the communication with employee of a gleam of, also can supervise the inadequacy that to the enterprise departmental door is carrying out the respect such as ability of force, government, be helpful for the construction of harmonious enterprise. It is reported, “ president recieves day of ” to open every two months.

And Peng Xing of president of law school group is in this year all the year round the lunch time of the company left an enterprise employee. Begin from the beginning of the year, peng Xing wants to ask company staff to have a meal by turns midday everyday, after have dinner, with accept as a souvenir of every employee group photo, the little gift such as the pen that presents development of a company to everybody, billfold. Predict he wants to ask all employee to still need to ask 100 much desks again.

In Qiaoduji the workingwoman pink clouds of round job, Jun Ying says, compare with Guangzhou photograph, the frame of lukewarm city employer is done not have so big, classics regular meeting goes to the workshop, feel they are kinder.

A lot of employee express, the boss was close to to employee, can promote their manufacturing initiative greatly. Zhou Shaoxiong of president of 7 wolves group expresses, he ever was in mailbox, receive what employee carries to him to include an individual to wear the proposal of the detail problem such as outfit, have a such medium of communication that communicate with employee, the information that is helpful for decision-making layer is collected with the enthusiasm that increases staff.