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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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Beverage industry is a labor concentrated model industry, workload is big, stuff is hard, gain is small, those who lean is the long-term development that stabilizes the sale of growth to support an industry continuously. Coke Cola is famous in the world to already had more than 100 years, become the leader company of soft drinks market. The first fill of Coke Cola accredit installed a manufacturer to hold water in Beijing 1980, grain of head office of Chinese grain oily imports and exports, Beijing is oily for this mill development 1992 the limited company of beverage of Coke Cola of Beijing of joint ventures —— with contributive tripartite of He Jiali group of company of food imports and exports. From this, beijing Coke Cola was on the fast trade of swift and violent development instantly, ceng Yi spends market of beverage of occupational Beijing carbonic acid the portion of nearly 70% , the client goes to many 30 thousand of 2007 by many 200 development 1992.

Grow in its in development, about the talent choose, Yo, with, stay what to recipe have? Bringing such problem and curiosity, this print journalist interviewed chief inspector of resource of manpower of limited company of beverage of Beijing Coke Cola Ms. Pei Yajie. In two many hours in interviewing, a surname lady gives us a such ideas from beginning to end: The company wants to obtain develop quickly continuously, rely on employee only, arouse the passion of employee and creation spirit adequately rise. In the meantime, we also feel, the concept that Beijing Coke Cola is “ this ” with the person from beginning to end is perforative in the management that reachs whole industry. The core that ” of “ attention person is Beijing Coke Cola manages an ideology, reflect not just in be oriented product kimono Wu with the client, more important is to form one a complete set of the normative administrative system with core of human melt into.

Action of “ of 5 systems safeguard, choose, with”

■ apply for make an on-the-spot investigation: Make applicant sufficient know a business

In interviewing, a surname lady emphasizes designedly, beijing Coke Cola enrols cent of invite applications for a job for “ ” and “ choose ” two link, and ” side is chosen in “ make great efforts sufficient, especially " labor contract law " after carrying out, the company pays attention to a talent more select link, paying close attention to ability while, whether does the sex that pays close attention to applicant more match to the culture with the enterprise, than denying sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work so, whether to have intense emotion, have energy, group spirit waits. Besides test of style of groovy written examination, interview, behavior, beijing Coke Cola is mixed according to the industry enterprise characteristic, be aimed at a few employee that compare basic level, adopt “ to apply for the way that researchs ” , let applicant and enterprise undertake sufficient two-way understanding is mixed make an on-the-spot investigation, provoke wrong person question with what avoid to be brought about because of information asymmetry.
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