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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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For instance, such position of ” of delegate of business of the biggest to resembling holding company number proportional “ , because the sale presses muscularity, the client visits working hardship, and repeatability work is much, especially to the youth, cannot work a few days to may not insist to come down. So, the company can be when invite applications for a job, show these difficulty adequately, but nevertheless, applicant not be personally on the scene, still cannot experience these difficulty adequately, so Beijing Coke Cola applies for “ a link that researchs ” special design to be invite applications for a job. Alleged apply for make an on-the-spot investigation even if, the company opens wide a gate, greeting applicant spends proper time (one day differs to half month) make an on-the-spot investigation personally to this post, the liaison man that sees workplace is convenient, go to work to whether work hard, office environment whether accept, whether does working content like (be like everyday the client is visited can have what line, what does the meeting in visitting do to wait a moment) , oneself whether;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to post. This gave applicant the chance of an own alternative, what lest because discover,enter the ability after duty formally,work and imagine at the outset is different and leave.

In Beijing Coke Cola, after new employee enters office, should accept groom variously, if employee enters duty hind to leave before long, this can be wasted not only a lot of invite applications for a job and groom cost, can let applicant pay fixed opportunity cost more. So, apply for inspect a system to make bilateral loss falls the smallest. From the point of another angle, this also reflected Coke Cola the culture of sincere letter, and the esteem to employee, there is all-around knowledge to prospective job before making employee is entering office, so that make right choice, be helpful for employee and enterprise building the psychological bond of mutual trust.

■ in-house contest hires: It is to pick a person not merely

Beijing Coke Cola sets out from the angle of talent strategy, adopt in respect of choose and employ persons inside hire give priority to, enrol outside for complementary, benign and rising mechanism is established in enterprise interior. In-house and rising be not inside this post series on the spot promotes, adopt open policy inside the enterprise however, vacant post is open to all employee, can cross position, cross a branch to promote to a high office, this can let more person gain the opportunity that promote to a high office or adjusts him profession choice already, also be helpful for an enterprise choosing more appropriate person selected.

In-house contest hires the particular way that make is, open vacant position, employee signs up of one's own accord contest is hired. For instance business chairman post, once a certain area has position vacant, the company is met this position to the company all business delegates are made public, and won't unplug from inside a short person in this area only tall person. This is just like board the plane in the airport when installing check, discharge a group only, want sky of which the mouth that install check to come out only, the platoon can go to that in first person mouth, such is opposite the opportunity is fairness for everybody. When contest is hired, can have a lot of link, include center of written examination, interview, evaluation, report one's work to wait, whole process is organized by manpower resource ministry, the director of branch of general manager, vise general manager, each choose and employ persons can share an evaluation, made sure the perspective is more comprehensive so, the evaluation is more fair. After every link ends, meet tell contest to hire a person the result directly, undertake commenting on to their expression.
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