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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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In-house contest is hired make those who attracted a lot of employee be participated in eagerly, for the person that hires to entering contest, no matter result how, this process is a kind of very good all previous practice to oneself, hire through contest can acquire a lot of knowledge, harvest a lot of experiences, get a lot of guidance, benefit at the following grow. Accordingly, the final result that in-house contest hires was to single out a winner not just, it is to let everybody's ability get joint promotion more.

■ director report one's work makes: Promote think over, select Cai Jun

The standardization management of Beijing Coke Cola returns body to run a side in performance now, do one's best accomplishs fair justice, have incentive sex extremely. Outside be being assessed except performance to the employee of manager level, still execute director report one's work to make, every manager can have report of a year every year, after director report one's work, commissioner and other participate in personnel to be able to raise a question, undertake communication a dialog, final commissioner can undertake commenting on.

The purpose of report one's work is not confined to assessment, important is compose establishs a mechanism that think over and looks into, at the same time the company also regards it as one of methods that select Cai Jun. The preparative course that report one's work reports is right report one's work person be arrange train of thought, the process of precipitation and promotion, also be a good opportunity that reveals ego; To participator character, it is to coach, the platform of delibrate, everybody learns each other, share, benefit good people is much.

■ head tenure of office makes: Handler of all previous experienced basic level

In Beijing Coke Cola, what to Director “ ” the administrative position of this one first step executes is lieutenancy make, every lieutenancy is two years, when lieutenancy ends main from the following 5 respects make make an on-the-spot investigation: (1) crucial performance index (KPI) reach, this is quantified index; (2) the satisfaction of subordinate is spent, basically be to pass investigation questionnaire to measure; (3) subordinate flow rate, because the flow of employee is concerned with ranking administrator greatly, alleged “ joins a company, leave boss ” ; (4) the volume list that designs according to the company is undertaken to the director by the manager ability is evaluated;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to; (5) director report one's work. The performance evaluation system that 5 such respects have all-around, standardization makes the winner allows to be in can pay attention to him improvement very at ordinary times the expression in managing link individually, subordinate satisfaction is spent and flow especially ratio index, it is to supervise and urge more the director is being guided, coach subordinate finishs the job, compose builds harmonious group atmosphere respect to pay more hard.
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