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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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The course holds the post of end-of-term examination nucleus, the company can be director branch 3 layers class: Lv of unified exam of the person that accomplishment actors or actress extends its job connotation, undertake next duty limit develops preparation; The person that be competent is incentive its continue hard to promote, offer relevant groom course; Opposite relatively the weak, the company can be its arrangement to coach technically person (partner of manpower resource business can take on this) ; To not be competent truly person, adjust post.

” of the billow before the billow after “ the Yangtse River is pushed, handler undertakes ego ability promotes only, just can fulfil obligation better, coach subordinate, because this this one mechanism grows to handler,also have main stimulative effect.

■ intelligence system: The cornerstone that manpower resource manages

To the professional development of employee, just do not run a way, major develops also be a lot of people to expect. Beijing Coke Cola is not exceptional also, through old exploration, formed an intelligence system that accords with enterprise characteristic. The intelligence system of Beijing Coke Cola is right professional post, according to the performance difference of employee, become different fixed position, it is high employment generation and generation of senior course of study to wait on behalf of cent e.g. business. As a kind of aptitude, each level can have very clear hold a post standard, and the standard is by each function branch self-ordained come out, specific aim is strong, yi Cao is made.

Year moves firewood to expect be every company staff jointly, but the basis that moves firewood is endless however and identical. In Beijing Coke Cola, employee can move firewood because of performance, also can promote to a high office because of aptitude and move firewood, if carry duty, get developing while also harvest taller firewood fulfil redound.

Yo of “ of implementation of 6 big step, stay, discard”

■ the system grooms: Form study atmosphere

Beijing Coke Cola takes employee seriously very much groom, will groom the assessment index that brings into KPI, form a kind of study with this model culture atmosphere. We emphasize “ the enterprise is a social university, encourage everybody to extend his ceaselessly. Beijing Coke Cola is so-called the yellow Bu military school that is business, education goes countless business elite, become Beijing Coke Cola the cornerstone of brilliant outstanding achievement. We regard this as the social responsibility of the enterprise. ” Pei Yajie says so.

Whole groom systematic cent is the following administrative levels:

1, new employee grooms. The basiccest to entering employee newly to undertake groom, include culture of enterprise phylogeny, company and regulations system to wait a moment. Groom to coordinate new employee, still established new employee to coach system, match two old stuff for every new employee, offer in its routine coach, undertake level sex is communicated regularly, had made corresponding record. After two months, manpower resource ministry can enrol new employee again come back to be done communicate, understand them to there still are what problem or difficulty in the job, help them make the solution of specific aim.
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