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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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2, post grooms. No matter be to take staff newly, still be old stuff, want to adjust a new post only, must do first groom relevantly cheek by jowl with post duty, skill, post grooms course basically is in charge of by the branch tuitional. What there is ——“ of a catchword to taste bearing by the product on the wall of workshop of Beijing Coke Cola is outstanding, taste the high grade ” of the product by bearing, to assure the fine quality of the product, coke Cola built the very perfect standard operating rules that waits for each respect about production, sale, this also is to make sure what all employee can achieve basic performance is strong assure, the person that differs that is to say works by same technological process, making the kill that come have basic safeguard.

3, ability promotion grooms. After can reaching basic performance when employee, no matter its oneself still are company metropolis expectation,he continues promote capability, to higher performance stride. Designed the course of a series of standardization for this company, include to run course and special training course, by groom the branch unites arrangement.

4, of professional development respect groom. Professional development compares individuation, the way that everybody develops may be different, competence gap is different also. Because this company assesses a result every year according to performance, classics employee and director are communicated, be aimed at the knowledge of employee or skill state, and him employee expects to get what groom, design course by manpower resource ministry, open employee, employee can choose to participate in independently, regard employee profession as the stepping-stone of development with this.

Face the plodding problem that how solves the job, pei Yajie says so: I do not emphasize “ round of hillock, this also is our mechanism, because this may be in the performance of relevant section,short-term Neidadala comes down. We advocate ‘ to specialization ’ and ‘ generalist ’ , execute ‘ across to manage ’ . Everybody has main responsibility and auxiliary responsibility, finishing advocate below the premise of responsibility, we encourage everybody to be done more as far as possible especially the job. ”

■ joy communicates: For happy job

Whether can employee agree with the culture with company of carry out travel, whether be willing to struggle for a long time to realize the mission of the company, good communication amid will have very crucial effect. Beijing Coke Cola has an act to call “ happy communication ” , do so that do not have distinguishing feature. This act most initiate by manpower resource ministry first, extend all branches later, evolve to be to be in charge of plan and assisting the systematic project that implement by manpower resource ministry. This kind communicates almost weekly metropolis to be held inside different branch, everybody can choose a relatively equal opportunity to take out the time that goes to half hours to sit together to do “ joy to communicate ” .
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