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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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Why to call “ happy communication ” , because communicate,be the method is joy, the process is happy, the result also is happy. Since be “ happy ” , mix easily with respect to what stress atmosphere happy, harmony of the environment, so a lot of time can go outdoors, undertake through game or recreational means. Communication theme involves square respect area, for instance “ becomes employee or do boss ” , “ what calls fair ” to wait a moment, encourage everybody conversion thinks, do communicate effectively, and the culture concept around ” of “ passion, vigor, guide everybody forward active up direction tries hard.

For instance, financial department is in the theme had been done to be “ Coke Cola when the Valentine's Day on Feburary 14 this year, the joy of my lover ” communicates an activity. Because a few objective reasons bring about a director to change often,the setting that communicates this is financial department, the employee satisfaction at that time is spent is not very tall, then manpower resource ministry suggests they do joy every months to communicate, in order to promote morale, improvement culture atmosphere, raise satisfaction finally to spend. It is to want to do a theme to be “ originally what did I do for the company, the company did the symposium of what ” for me, the atmosphere that considers an informal discussion later goes against everybody to hit happy knot, speak out freely, changed a form then. In communication meeting at the beginning, everybody stands up first simple self introduction, key introduction has worked in the company how many time. Go up personally in everybody later stick label of a color, aureate delegate golden wedding, argent delegate silver wedding, pink represents new employee. Everybody begins to if regard “ as my lover ” ,tell about Coke Cola, what expect to this lover, want to do what thing to help this lover, etc. Adopt this kind of relaxed and cheerful form, everybody include firewood fulfil welfare, include development to wait a problem a moment to put forward, manpower resource ministry made a lot of responses in the spot, did technically still later written pass on, act actively, solved all problems. For instance employee mentioned the proposal of regular bus, the company sends a person to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot immediately, change on the horse that can change, special human nature is changed, came true to release the pressure, target that solves a problem already, more the result that gained happy job.

One of culture connotation of Beijing Coke Cola are to emphasize happy job, joy communicates one of foundations that are happy job. Communicate through joy, everybody is promotional each other understanding, alleviated actuating pressure, found working joy, return the experience that drew lessons from others in easy communication at the same time, will say the effect that also had to groom from this angle, not be curt groom, learn independently however.
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