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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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■ the system expands committee: Let employee share management

In April 2004, regard Coke Cola of sponsor of Olympic Games TOP as the delegate of the company, beijing Coke Cola established sex of a phase to organize —— system to expand committee, first goal is the administrative system construction that the preparation of Beijing Olympic Games worked 2008 and undertakes to perfect, thereby force of elite of integrated and departmental door forms committee, main at that time task is to promote the cooperation between departmental door, discover and perfect the problem in running chain. 2005, systematic development committee develops to be Beijing Coke Cola complete member the controller of mouthpiece and solution, by level sex constituent change is the fixed organization of long-term sex, establishing more perfect “ is to send appoint ” job standard and duty, its central task is patulous also for collect problem, termless listen attentively to employee opinion and collect delibrate, offer a solution, definite plan carries out a person, track second reading executive progress regularly. In the meantime, “ department is sent appoint ” still is assuming delegate employee group to share the main responsibility with decision-making business management.

In fact, the system develops committee to had made the effective communication tubing between business management layer and employee group, in making employee shares management, go, want pair of employee, advantageous to the company job only, “ department is sent appoint ” can be done, put the profit of employee in the first place, it is with the person this, reflect the administrative concept that human nature of Beijing Coke Cola changes truly.

■ travel funds a plan: Increase cross sectional collaboration

How to achieve the balance of staff job and life, pei Yajie thinks, “ consumes moral course of study quickly so to us, this is the problem of working hours above all, only working hours shortened, ability solves this problem better. ” then, manpower resource ministry and each branch are discussed how to pass perfect managing together mechanism, raise work efficiency to come as far as possible cut man-hour.

Additional, the corporation is special still designed the travel project that crosses sectional efforts when employee is off, the company gives travel to aid financially, ask travel must cross a branch, at least has stuff of 5 3 branches, above, employee can take a family member. Crossing idle fund of employee stay away from home to help a plan is a welfare not just, and the mode of another kind of innovation that is “ joy communication ” , will 3 many years had obtained remarkable result: Feel unfamiliar no longer between departmental door, the experience that each group member passes travel each other are more familiar, this had very positive effect to crossing sectional efforts, and the participation of staff family member more make the atmosphere of big family of Beijing Coke Cola more grumous.
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