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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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A simple travel plans, it is the attention that more is based on human nature to change rear, including an enterprise to be paid for this try hard except the more beyond capital.

■ company culture: blood of Coke Cola infuse

Company culture is a kind of your person joins the idea that show hard, it is the asset with most valuable business of good standing, appropriate company culture is OK translate into productivity, the management that gives a company and management bring tremendous benefit. Although headquarters of American Coke Cola gave each bottled factory freedom the space of play, do not have special conventions and compulsive company culture mode, but how to mix the brand culture of Coke Cola the Oriental culture union of Chinese mainland rises, forming a kind of distinctive company culture is the problem that high level of company of Beijing Coke Cola often ponders over. In fact, company of Beijing Coke Cola has abstracted a company culture that belongs to his and independent spirit of enterprise and temperament, it is China, of Beijing, have international view again at the same time. This can generalize the company culture of company of Beijing Coke Cola with 5 words: The client is oriented, character is consummate, compose builds harmony, passionate vigor, always contend for the first.

The company culture of Beijing Coke Cola sounds stirring not only, and adopt multiform, system or the activity is perforative in the management that reachs whole industry, in the behavior that fulfils every employee. Actually aforementioned “ joy communicates system of ” , “ to develop committee ” , “ to cross sectional travel to aid financially plan ” to wait, also be very fresh company culture announce at the same time means of be linked together. Again for instance, before the company has a year to be carried before October, finish in those days target, to express to celebrate, had done an activity that calls “ happy 108” . October 8, the company leased the space of abundant stage park, plan, made something takes every sectional him general there go selling, handiwork is made, have local color fastfood, each have each expert good fun, the ” of money of “ Coke Cola that everybody designs with the company goes buying, who to see be filled with finally, who had a deficit. This since celebrates an activity, also let everybody experience the square field surface of management with easy way at the same time. Similar activity still has static talent to reveal, games of dynamic talent show, gout is waited a moment.

Circulating in Coke Cola company an old jest: Work for Coke Cola company, be about to accept big give sb a shot in the arm, but be defeated by those who enter the body is not blood, however Coke Cola syrup. This also represented the aspirations of employee actually, conveyed their passion to Coke Cola company, conveyed the powerful force of culture of Coke Cola company. Be atmosphere of this kind of culture to the talent attract, reservation and sufficient play its ability, developing aeriform but however the powerful effect that nowhere is absent.
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