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Coke Cola: Standard management is with the person this
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■ the talent exits a mechanism: Performance is oriented, superior bad discard

Superior bad discard is the law with constant business circles, enterprise choose and employ persons needs to such dynamic mechanism goes suiting as much. The administrative culture of Beijing Coke Cola is perforative from beginning to end is performance directs, it is performance culture. Employee bonus of every months depends on performance expression, carry duty firewood of attune of rising, year and all sorts of opportunities can be a foundation with performance. To the person that performance owes beautiful, the company can undertake groom or relieving guard according to labor policy code, the person that still not be competent, namely lawfully discard is changed. To accomplishment actor employee, surpass the demand of labor contract law, work in employee sign namely when 5 years completely work regularly without solid contract.

The person's problem is the most complex issue, beijing Coke Cola is enrolled in “ , anthology, with, Yo, stay, make great efforts on discard ” sufficient. In fact, outside these systems that say besides the article and measure, each business that Beijing Coke Cola does all without exception is reflecting the angle from employee to think, the thought that goes improving from the angle of systematization, standardization management, obtained favorable result. Coke Cola besides be in brand respect world the first, employer figure also gets the public is approbated, employee or family member are proud with working in Coke Cola company, a lot of people reject to find new job before the high pay temptation of other company, coke Cola company is returned afresh again after someone leaves. And annual the satisfaction of interior of company of Beijing Coke Cola spends findings to show, satisfaction spends the whole of the company to be able to achieve 90% above every year, this is the great achievements that the standardization management of core of human melt into brings.

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