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Minimum wage regulation
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Regulation " point out, below normal circumstance, unit of choose and employ persons should pay the salary of laborer, the earning salary that eliminate laborer lengthens working hours, fall in evening shift, high temperature, well, poisonous outside the welfare treatment that the laborer that waits for the allowance that enjoys below special condition and law, code and national regulation enjoys, must not under standard of local minimum wage. To deregulation, fatigue
Move safeguard branch to will instruct unit of choose and employ persons to owe wage by place 1 to 5 times pay laborer compensation.
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The first obtains the legitimate rights and interests of work reward to safeguard laborer, ensure the basic life of laborer individual and its family member, concern a provision according to labor law and the State Council, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation applies to the enterprise in churchyard of People's Republic of China, run by the local people to be not an enterprise those who have hired worker is individual and unit, industrial and commercial door (unit of choose and employ persons of the following a general designation) with the laborer that forms labor to concern to it.

Organization of national office, institution, society and the laborer that establish labor contract relationship to it, this regulation carries out according to.

What this the 3rd regulation calls minimum wage the standard, it is to show laborer is in inside legal working hours or the working hours that the labor contract that signs lawfully agrees below the premise that provided normal work, the lowermost work reward that unit of choose and employ persons should pay lawfully.

What this regulation calls normal labor, it is to show laborer agrees by the labor contract that signs lawfully, in the labor that is engaged in inside legal working hours or the working hours that labor contract agrees. Laborer is enjoyed lawfully take salary year off, visit one's family false, marriage funeral holiday, bear (produce) between the holiday that the country such as holiday of false, birth control operation sets, and during social activity entering lawfully inside legal working hours, regard as provided normal work.

Service of safeguard of work of government of people of place of above of class of the 4th county is in charge of be opposite unit of the choose and employ persons inside area of politics of one's own profession carries out this formulary circumstance to undertake supervisory checking.

Various labor organization carries out a circumstance to undertake supervisory to this regulation lawfully, discover those who violate this regulation to unit of choose and employ persons pays laborer salary, labor of place of requirement having right ensures service processing.

Standard of the 5th minimum wage takes the form of month of minimum wage standard and standard of hour minimum wage commonly. Minimum wage standard applies to the month laborer of full-time obtain employment, standard of hour minimum wage applies to laborer of blame full-time obtain employment.
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