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Minimum wage regulation
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The guide of year level food that law of coefficient of Er of 2. favour case can provide according to national dietetics namely and standard food absorb an amount, tie value of standard alimental market, computation gives level of lowermost food expenses, divide with coefficient of favour case Er, reach lowermost standard of living, multiply again with each obtain employment person provide for coefficient, adjust number plus.

After with upper part law computation gives month of minimum wage level, consider accumulation fund of insurance premium of society of worker individual pay, housing, worker again equality of water of progress of state of alms of average wage standard, society and standard of unemployed insurance gold, obtain employment, economy undertakes be correctioned necessarily.

Citing: Defray of every months of living cost is average per capita of group of income of some area lowest 210 yuan, each obtain employment person provide for coefficient is 1.87, lowermost food expenses is 127 yuan, coefficient of favour case Er is 0.604, average wage is 900 yuan.

1. reachs by computation of specific gravity law minimum wage standard is this area month:

Month =210×1.87 a=393 a(of minimum wage standard yuan) (1)

2. reachs by computation of law of coefficient of favour case Er minimum wage standard is this area month:

Month 393 + of = of A of + of 127÷0.604×1.87 of = of minimum wage standard A(yuan) (2)

Formulary (1) and (the adjustment of the A in 2) the element basically considers the charge such as insurance premium of provide for the aged of local individual pay, unemployed, medical treatment and housing accumulation fund.

Additional, go up according to international minimum wage standard is equivalent to average month mean monthly the 40—60% of salary, criterion limits of minimum wage standard should be in this area month 360 yuan of —540 yuan between.

〔 of = of standard of hour minimum wage (month ÷20.92÷8)× of minimum wage standard (1 units ought to the sum of scale of insurance premium of the cost of primary endowment insurance of pay, primary medical treatment) 〕 × (1 float coefficient)

Requirement of working stability, work mixes the laborer of obtain employment of full-time of blame of affirmatory and main consideration of float coefficient the difference between the respect such as labor intensity, welfare and personnel of full-time obtain employment.

Each district can consult above calculates method, according to local actual condition standard of minimum wage of reasonable and firm month, hour.

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