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Foreign manpower resource manages " 6 absolutely "
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Foreign economist thinks, western industrialization is “ relies on a technology 3 minutes, rely on 7 minutes to manage ” , especially manpower resource management, it is the vast power that the company expands more. Our business management of enterprise person can combine our country national condition and oneself characteristic, be drawn lessons from somewhat from which and innovate.

One, management of ” of “ drawer type

In contemporary managing, it also calls “ post analytic ” . A few more current of economic developed country large and medium-sized enterprise, take management of ” of “ drawer type and position classification seriously very much, and be on the base that ” of “ drawer type runs, different level land built position to classify a system. According to investigating statistic: The company that Thailand used ” of “ drawer type to manage 1981 is 50% . Was 1985 75% , and 95% above were 1999. The last few years, of Hong Kong large and medium-sized the enterprise executes management of ” of “ drawer type generally also.

” of “ drawer type manages the administrative term that is a kind of popular image, its appearance is in the drawer of every administrator desk, have a specific functionary job standard, in supervising the work, both neither can have duty to have no right, also cannot have duty have no right, more cannot authority is not had duty, must duty, duty, authority, benefit is united in wedlock each other.

The enterprise undertakes management of ” of “ drawer type is like below 5 measure:

The first pace, build a place that by the enterprise each branches form to analyse a group;

The 2nd pace, centralization of state power of interior of correct processing company and cent authority concern;

The 3rd pace, around the overall objective of the enterprise, layer upon layer decompose, chase class to fulfil limits of responsibility limits of authority;

The 4th pace, write “ post to show ” of ” , “ job standards, establish a requirement standard that works to every post;

The 5th pace, must be united in wedlock considering assessment system and photograph of system of rewards and punishment.

2, management of ” of “ crisis type

In world-renowned big company, compete as world economy intense with each passing day change, comparative to be entered partly maintain and decline level, kodak, Coke Cola. Du Bang, Ford such big company, ever also appeared many management deficit. To change a condition, american enterprise takes seriously relatively carry out ” of “ crisis type to produce government, lifted doomsday of a “ to manage the tide of ” .

American business circles thinks, if an operator cannot be communicated with employee well, cannot the employee to him people show the crisis exists really, so he can lose credit very quickly, also can lose efficiency and benefit consequently. Williams of president of American technology company. Wei is thought of see, the whole world already became the battleground of a competition, global telecommunications industry is producing main effect in change. Accordingly, he enables the senior administrator of two bold reform to be assistant president, discharge the senior staff job that 5 apt successive reforms, because ignore product quality, cost to rise,publicize certain business extensively in the worker, cause the crisis that loses an user, he wants faculty to know, if technical company does not pledge the product,cost of quantity, production and user hour are put in prominent place, the doomsday of the company can come.
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