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Foreign manpower resource manages " 6 absolutely "
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3, a minute of ” manages “

Current, a lot of enterprises use the west in succession a minute of ” manages “ law, obtained remarkable result. Specific content is: A minute of target, one minute praises reach a minute of penalty.

Alleged a minute of target, it is the everybody in the enterprise write down oneself main goal and duty explicitly go up in a piece of paper. Each target reachs his to examine standard, it is clear to should be conveyed inside 250 words, a person can be read inside a minute. Such, facilitating everybody knows him clearly why and dry, how to go working, and check oneself work regularly accordingly.

One minute praises, it is manpower resource drive. The manager that particular way is an enterprise often spends not long time, in the business that does in employee place, the part with correct winkle tries to praise. Can make every employee make clear the business that he does so, work with greater efforts, make oneself behavior develops to perfect way ceaselessly.

A minute of penalty, it is to show some thing should have been done, but did not do good however, undertake seasonable criticism above all to concerned personnel, point out its are wrong, remind him next, you are how regard highly he, malcontent is him right now the job of here. Such, can make the person of err thing is happy to accept criticism, feel ashamed remorses, notice to avoid likewise wrong happening.

A minute of ” manages “ law is clever clever shortened greatly in it administrative process, have the effect of get effect instantly. A minute of target, facilitate every employee makes clear his working duty, achieve oneself working goal hard; One minute praises can make every employee works with greater efforts, make oneself behavior incline to perfect; A minute of penalty can make the person of err thing accepts criticism gladly, make him the work is more serious henceforth.

4, management of ” of “ abnormality type

In the enterprise all multibarrel manage in, the management that carries pair of occurrences in human life finally is achieved change the purpose of innovation. Accordingly, the world develops the company competes according to enterprise interior phasic change, execute system of human affairs management actively to change, in order to stimulate the creativity of employee.

In Japan and Korea enterprise, collected fixed number of year of job of in order to to regard rising employee as level and the “ that raise wage level all the time in the past year merit system ” , this kind of system got used to an enterprise to expand quickly the requirement that period servantchooses a person for a job to using worker worker, offerred the opportunity of labour force obtain employment and development. Enter 20 centuries since 80 time, these developing the enterprise enters low growth and relatively stable phase, “ year the rising desire that merit system ” already cannot satisfy an employee, the vigor that makes the enterprise organizes occurrences in human life drops. Rise at the beginning of 90 time, japan, Korea develops the enterprise begins to reform human affairs system, big thrust travel decides to rise according to working ability and achievement fall the system of new personality responsibility of the ” of “ abnormality type of staff job, got clear result.
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