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Foreign manpower resource manages " 6 absolutely "
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Of system of ways of the world of world big company change, concentration mirrors the sufficient mining of the potential that gives pair of people, liven the enterprise organizes a structure in order to liven human affairs system comes, the mechanism of ” of “ strong person that the attention is fostered and forms enterprise interior, form competition, strenuous, enterprising, development new atmosphere.

5, “ and management of approach type ”

“ and approach ” express to manage what must emphasize individual and whole to cooperate, create whole and individual high harmony. In management, euramerican proprietor of an enterprise should emphasize an individual struggling, urge different government mutual and harmonious draw lessons from.

Its specific characteristic is:

(1) have integral sex already, have individual sex again. Every member checks the company feeling of company generation mission, “ I am company ” it is “ and management of approach type ” a medium resonant catchword.

(2) ego organizes a gender. Let go let subordinate do decision-making, oneself manage oneself.

(3) fluctuation. Modern management must implement flexible management strategy, progress and innovation generate in wave motion.

(4) supplement each other. Want mutual and compensatory communicating to make different view, way, make the defect below a kind of circumstance turns another kind of circumstance into the advantage below.

(5) individual and dispersive coordinate a gender with whole. The unit in an organization, group, individual is whole medium individual, individual have dispersive sex, Promethean, through coordinating the image that fashions whole.

(6) metrical sex. The atmosphere with a kind of harmonious red-blooded harmony is reached between enterprise and individual, arouse people inside drive force and sense of pride.

6, “ ambulates type ” management

A kind of innovation that this is the popularity on the world runs way, it basically is to point to popular wishes of examine of body of proprietor of an enterprise, know truth, become one with with affiliated to a ministry, achieve outstanding achievement in all. This kind runs a color, already showed its advantage, be like:

(L) the director also moves affiliated to a ministry accordingly. Husband of photosensitive of earth of chairman of reputation of union of Japanese economy group uses the method of ” of “ lead one's men in an act, with one action becomes Japan to enjoy the entrepreneur of great reputation, take-over in him before company of Japanese Toshiba electric equipment, toshiba already enjoyed the good name of ” of cradle of course of study of “ electric equipment no longer, manufacturing go from bad to worse. Person after photosensitive husband assumes office, everyday perambulatory factory, all over the plant that visited Toshiba to be set in Japan and enterprise, have a meal together with employee, claver the daily life of a family. Early morning, he always arrives earlier than others half hour, the station is at the door the factory, say hello to to the worker, take the lead in setting an example. Employee suffers the infection of this atmosphere, promoted mutual the communication between, morale is big brace up. Before long, the production of Toshiba returns to normal, have very great progress.
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