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Foreign manpower resource manages " 6 absolutely "
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(2) investment is small, profit is big. Ambulate management does not need too much capital and technology, improve the productivity of the enterprise possibly.

(3) the government that views so that see. Top officer can arrive at that is to say manufacturing front line, meet with the worker, chat, hope employee can is opposite his advise, can know him, argue with him even dispute.

(4) spot management. Why does Japan have the first-rate productivity on the world? Somebody considers as establish the spot government in get to the bottom of sth. Director everyday ground of without a stop ambulates to the spot, affiliated to a ministry also is forced risk one's life accompanies gentleman!

(5) “ is popular person prosperous ” . Outstanding industry leader wants haunt position lower than him popular wishes of experience and observe goes in a few employee, know truth, listen to incorrect ” of a few “ more, do not listen to “ good ” only. Want to care the job of employee not only, make reach their name, and the basic necessities of life that cares them. Such, employee feels the director takes them seriously, the job is natural very exert to one's utmost. An enterprise had the support of employee and effort, meet naturally prosperous.

Author of inn of American Mcdonald's snack thunder. Croker, it is one of the United States' influential old entrepreneur, he does not like to sit in the office all the day, major while is used in “ to ambulate on type ” management, belong to each company, departmental door to go to place namely, look, listen, ask. The company ever had period of time to face the crisis of severe loss, croker discovers among them a main reason is, the manager bureaucratism of branch of company each function is outstanding, the habit lies on easy the back of the chair to gesticulate, expend a lot of valuable time on smoking and prattle. Then Croker thinks up ” of strange move of a “ , the requirement occupies the chair back of a chair of all managers, manager people be obliged to act accordingly. Beginning a lot of people to scold Croker is a bedlamite, before long everybody realizes the ” of pains of a “ that gave him, walk out of the office in succession, begin “ to ambulate type ” management, understand a situation in time, the spot solves a problem, make the company is twisted eventually turn fortunately be filled with, effectively promoted a company live and develop.

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