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The canal accuses parent subsidiary HR needs to solve 4 problems
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In the system of manpower endowment source control in industry group, besides containing module of similar monomer company's daily manpower resource function, more significant value put oneself in another's position accuses to go up in manpower resource canal now. Cloud of place of archaism of no less than, “ is politics path, head be in person; Stand politics path, examine official is first. ”

From the point of the angle of industry group, group headquarters adjusts the heart system that manpower resource runs now the manpower canal of subordinate enterprise accuses. Manpower provides the success or failure that charge, the relation is worn industry group whether if the arm makes point to, form resultant force, the relation is worn resource of company labor power runs a system whether efficient move, the relation is worn enterprise whether be opened by right of advanced manpower capital and apply get competitive advantage.

Expand of dimensions ceaselessly as the enterprise, manpower resource is in charge of the function that control to having mainer and mainer effect to industry group development, but overall for, canal of resource of labor power of domestic industry group controls ability and standard lower, existing bewilderment of quite a few and difficulty.

So how to accuse a mechanism to undertake scientific and reasonable design to canal of resource of parent subsidiary manpower, be on guard effectively thereby of all kinds and potential management risk? How to carry reasonable power duty differentiate, the policy that can implement headquarters and branch already is uniform, is what can you implement headquarters bisect department again effective supervise?

Generally speaking, the tall canal personnel of the headquarters of group of overweight of research target side that canal of resource of parent subsidiary manpower accuses and subsidiary, the key needs to solve the following problems:

Problem one: Whether to make clear the function fixed position of branch of resource of parent company manpower, be designed and chose canal of resource of parent subsidiary manpower to charge pattern?

Parent company and subordinate enterprise all set manpower resource branch, both how to divide the work, how cooperation, it is the jumping-off place that canal of parent subsidiary manpower accuses a system to design to the solution of this problem. Shew and character, subsidiary basically handles the routine work of tactical level, the parent company bears the responsibility that has strategic level morely. Policy center, management center, service center is the fixed position of 3 big function of the parent company.

According to group headquarters and subordinate each member firm provides the close together rate that charge, the manpower resource canal of industry group accuses to be able to divide for 4 kinds of fundamental pattern: Inattentive management, policy guidance, operation guidance with comprehensive management model. It is the characteristic of 4 kinds of fundamental pattern and actor defect case below:
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