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The canal accuses parent subsidiary HR needs to solve 4 problems
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Problem 2: The labor power that whether expands according to diversity develops a program, made compound model talent team?

Inadequacy of reserve of in-house qualified personnel makes many enterprises are at a loss what to do, the group develops certain level, must against a rainy day, through successor plan, enterprise grooms institute, annulus hillock takes exercise, a variety of means such as AB horn system, in the light of employee of different layer class design ability develops a stress, library of mothball to classificationing talent has trends government, make a height agree with the group of company culture, high quality elite that has management and professional technical ability again.

Problem 3: Whether to undertake perfecting to drive and tie mechanism, capital of shunt excitation vivid manpower?

1, the choose that the canal charges a boy or girl friend is accredited. What according to parent subsidiary the canal charges pattern is different, the range that manpower resource canal accuses to involve and deepness are different also. Normally the subsidiary staff of parent company accreditation has the following boy or girl friend: Post of Dong Jian thing, management team, financial personnel, core. Of accreditation personnel appoint and dismiss allocating is activity of influence business management of enterprise undoubtedly the the most important, most crucial decision-making one of.

2, subsidiary manages outstanding achievement to assess. Subsidiary management outstanding achievement is the central topic for discussion that any parent companies pay close attention to, normally annual sign in order to manage the form of responsibility contract on behalf of subsidiary and parent company by subsidiary controller, manage an end according to the enterprise, the thought from above to below that according to the balance plan cent blocks decomposes the target that is branch, group and individual systematically, design of statified, classification examines content of means of periodic, assessment, assessment, make subsidiary management layer and even complete member joys and sorrows of management outstanding achievement of individual performance and enterprise whole is relevant, build a strategic drive thereby, complete member participate in, the performance management system that result and process pay equal attention to.

3, the incentive mechanism of subsidiary management layer. The result of performance management and system of firewood fulfil drive, and employee profession career develops a system organic join, common form builds an activation manpower capital, the drive of long-term development restrains the company that prop up mechanism. In the design that has specific aim to the core employee such as subsidiary management layer long-term and incentive means, use yearly salary to make, administrative layer is held, period authority period the subjective activity that waits for incentive method to bring them into play, attract, reservation and incentive talent.
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