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The canal accuses parent subsidiary HR needs to solve 4 problems
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4, the competency of subsidiary management layer and fulfil his duty to investigate. Apply the member that quality model method will develop handler, be based on company core value, differentiate dimension spends certain competence grade, build in-house title system through standard of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to ability, in employee anthology, Yo, with, stay to increase directional with scientific sex, the individual improves the ceaseless promotion that drives constituent performance of working performance ceaselessly. Introduce manpower resource audit at the same time, ensure core personnel manages own advantageous position in play of limits of one's functions and powers, ensure group profit does not suffer enroach on.

Problem 4: Whether to form canal of perfect resource of group labor power to control an environment?

Manpower canal accuses is the organic composition that group canal controls a system, cannot move independently and come true, need and strategic canal accuse, financial canal accuses to reach function canal to accuse to undertake harmony,

Common form controls a system into perfect group canal. Canal of resource of group labor power accuses environmental construction to basically involve two big questions:

1. The aggrandizement that controls a process to canal of resource of group labor power is supervised.

2. The institution that manpower resource canal charges a process is changed and flow is changed

The canal of normal dominates action final be to pass system and flow to come true, of standardization, systematization, standardization those who run a system to be able to guarantee a business is efficient.

The system turns management, according to the requirement of contemporary company system, make administrative regulations system, information deliver system, report one's work to report system, management performance to assess system, audit system to wait a series of standardization system, make the management behavior standardization of operator, high-level human affairs manages standardization; The program turns management, be in business flow of the post according to operator, wait for freely into travel a type of local school in ancient times to change a design to administrative shedding, finance affairs shedding, iformation flow, make high-level personnel administration is changed more scientificly, ration is changed; Qualitative ration turns management, in the high level system of human affairs management is changed, on the foundation that the program turns management, the performance that links through building halt sex and mensurable phase examines a system, make assessment of high-level outstanding achievement provides scientific sex and rationality more.

Meanwhile, management information system of have the aid of, the responsibility limits of authority that limits branch of headquarters manpower resource and branch of resource of subordinate company labor power and part locate, aggrandizement group canal accuses to be shared with resource, control of canal of natural resources of form adult power is spent with information system environment, jump of routine work sloughy, working centre of gravity to strategical manpower resource manages transition.
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