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The canal accuses parent subsidiary HR needs to solve 4 problems
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It is mutiple level that manpower resource canal accuses reach those who cross administrative levels, department of subsidiary, Sun Gong, affiliated enterprise waits, at the same time department of subsidiary, Sun Gong has business unit and basic level organization to wait. So, while manpower resource canal accuses to solving these problems, still involve this mutiple level reach cross resource of administrative levels manpower to manage a task, basically include: Mutiple level management of manpower resource strategy and organization; The manpower resource program that is based on investment and industrial combination and profession develop a program; Be based on the organization of transverse strategy and management of resource of core labor power; Be based on mutiple level system of management of the succession government that the canal accuses, capital of talent multiply, manpower; Be based on mutiple level the processing that the canal accuses and management accredit personnel administration; Cross resource of administrative levels manpower to manage system and function canal to accuse; Cross administrative levels report one's work and assessment system; Manpower resource canal controls environmental construction.

Must have held the following executive link in unit process of cargo bandling at the same time: Bisect subsidiary manages the assessment of the layer and drive; The effective canal that sends personnel to falling accuses; Echelon formation of group talented person is built; Of headquarters and module of function of resource of molecular firm labor power join.

We think, canal of resource of parent subsidiary manpower accuses to want to solve a few problems that above place relates namely mainly. And these a few issues can undertake demonstrative through the following legend.

Link: HR canal accuses parent subsidiary 8 great tangle

1. “ does not get outer gentleman lot ” subsidiary to manage an executive bewilderment somewhat

Parent company repeated orders, subsidiary persist one's old ways. The thought everybody of obedient whole interest understands local interest, why policy law exists in name only in carry out, how establish value self-identity and tie of rewards and punishment are current the problem that urgent need of a lot of groups company solves.

2. “ body is in in Cao battalion heart Chinese the profit that personnel sends below ” is alluring

The original intention that personnel sends below the parent company is the interest that defends a parent company, to the role that the service supervises is being assumed subsidiary, and phenomenon of the amlposition in real economy life cans be found everywhere, supervisor became umbrella, it is the part of “ accomplice ” of add fuel to the fire even.

3. The general is not had in “ Sichuan, liao Hua spearhead the talent fault crisis of ”

The knowledge of existing talent makes the bottleneck issue that reachs professional quality to become business development to expand increasingly, two kinds of employee that face “ to ability has De Mocai ” without heart ” and “ how choose appoint in a dilemma, the good employee of ” of “ have both ability and moral integrity nowhere look for.
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