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The canal accuses parent subsidiary HR needs to solve 4 problems
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4. The person of ” of “ a new chief brings in new aides controls government

Right to the person the means of the thing because of the person different, activity of business management of enterprise relies on subjective volition of the leader. Leader happening is fluctuant adjust, subsequently and will system of original manpower resource management also is being revised ceaselessly and abandon, factitious sex and optional sex are outstanding. The able person below adversary or trusted follower are, exchange their faithfulness with this, and it is another to employee, say system or regulation greatly. System cannot treat equally without discrimination, enterprise clique is bristly, contend for power and profit.

5. “ leadership thinks with brain, subordinate ponders over the decision-making center of ” to change with knee

Do poineering work model the means that entrepreneur is used to using administrative small company mostly will run the company that expands ceaselessly, it is successful enlarge of the individual the success of the enterprise, business unit chief loses decision-making function, it is an executant merely.

6. The orgnaization is various, the headquarters weak force of overstaffed is changed

Subsidiary is excuse with take part in a battle with light packs, parent company of improper employee kick back, overstaffed of parent company of accumulate over a long period, orgnaization overstaffed, be current of bureaucratism, red-tapism, a large number of professional skill are low, cannot be competent working employee is full of among them, cannot control directive subordinate company well.

7. Efficiency is preferential VS fairness is preferential

Different business unit manages state differ in thousands ways, some cost exhaust tremedous effort ability somewhat profit, some gaining profit rich and generous the work that needs raise one's hand only, firewood proposes a toast how standard, measure keeps consistent, the company is interior how making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, balance holds transverse fairness.

8. VS of centralization of state power distributes right

A kind of circumstance is ” of inadequacy of “ oneness is superabundant and poor dissimilation, make one knife of “ cut the manpower resource policy of ” and system by group headquarters, lack is aimed at the otherness of subordinate enterprise, the problem of generation is “ catchs dead ” . Subordinate company lacks motivation and flexibility, face the business of rapid development and market, manpower resource policy and system have lag sex, subordinate company complains quite much, and group headquarters is arduous do not please, face “ of this kind of state to be at a loss what to do ” . Another kind of circumstance is ” of inadequacy of “ otherness is superabundant and normative sex, systematization, emphasize the otherness of subordinate enterprise overly, then “ of system of policy of resource of subordinate company labor power lets a hundred flowers blossom ” , group company has effective manpower resource check very hard, those who realize collectivize resource is effective allocate and scope effect.
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