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Competent standard: Of professional handler " 4321 "
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Alleged profession handler, it is a profession with management company namely, place management business regards people on one's own side as successfully unripe success, the full-time controller that will realize oneself value through running a company. Does full-time get ready for owner is the person of the enterprise an eligible professional handler? Absolutely not, the professional handler of Chinese qualification should have alleged “ at least 4 can 3 element of ” , “ ” , “ double win ” of of one mind of ” , “ . Strictly speaking, was short of the professional husband that cannot call real significance to go up firstly this at 4 o'clock.

4 can

Handler of decision-making ability profession is the outstanding policymaker inside attributive certainly, return board of directors of can accurate explanation additionally each decision-making connotation, have the judgement capacity of decision-making to the high level feasibility and scientific sex. One does not have the handler of decision-making foresight, the short-term benefit that seeks a company probably only and oversight the enterprise is long-term develop, such as is bought, the major strategy question such as development of long-term investment, technology.

Executive ability handler is sure it is doer or actual strength clique, carry out the ” of “ grand opera that is handler, decision-making after coming on stage, handler should center energy to undertake executive, reasonable to needing the resource such as person, money, content, technology to undertake configuration and optimize combination, adjust tactics and strategy ceaselessly according to vicissitude of the market, managing even in carrying out, have comparative to fight risk consciousness and ability by force.

Organizing ability to organize ability is to point to to finish some job work out, management, direct, adjust, the competence that teachs concerned personnel, it is one of important ability with professional necessary handler. In abounding diversiform business activity, workload is the biggest is constituent job. Not only each job and each activity needs an organization, and create favorable human affairs environment for the organization, the ” of “ cohesive affinity that fosters constituent member and ” of “ centripetal force, improve the quality that organizes a member, also cannot leave an organization to work. Regard a profession as handler, need takes the whole situation into account, arrangement is proper, the person uses up his to use, each show its can.

The highest state in coordinating ability management is implementation harmony, coordinate even if realize this kind of harmonious beauty. Professional handler should undertake harmony with the board of directors, want to be coordinated with other leader member, should with inferior communicate had coordinated, even as external as the enterprise concerned unit, personnel does well relation, if do not have this a lot of and harmonious, handler cannot gain the support of square field surface, and cause labour feel embarrassed to go down in order to begin.
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