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Competent standard: Of professional handler " 4321 "
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3 element

Moral quality this is to regard a profession as handler most the foundation, most requisite quality. Because handler has exalted quality, can derive a lot of act that are helpful for business development or consequence.

Culture quality this is the study that handler passes long-term hardships and the crystallization that carry out repeatedly. It is handler can be carried out smoothly decision-making, those who have development enterprising mind is essential. Having the culture self-restraint that comparative is the important hardware that has eligible profession husband.

Personalized element handler has personalized quality even. Closely related the individual style of the form Chengdu because of spirit of company culture, group and handler. Of handler individualizing is not obstinate, distinguish however at other handle affairs style, for instance ambitious, idiosyncratic, boldness, show originality, converse thinking is waited a moment. ” of alleged “ there are no poor soldiers under a good general, the personalized element of handler, can affect a group, bring boundless motive force for business development thereby.

Double win

Double win those who emphasize is to be in processing business affairs, official, general affairs, should form an alliance get victory. If the increase of pursuit one's own side is the biggest,change, take no account of what cause to the other side to damage, can move toward deadlock only, impossible implementation double gain a result. Namely when professional handler is handling all sorts of work, cannot consider the benefit of oneself only, measure enterprise, organization, organization, competitor even adequately to wait with all possible means interest, apply wisdom, pass solidarity, cooperation, achieve double win.

Of one mind

Handler of line of business of powerful be transferred to another post wants an idea to be put on battalion of already of look forward to. Only of one mind attacks to go up in the job, excelsior to the career, the person that ability makes the enterprise actors or actress more actor, overmatch is stronger.

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