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Game industry: One of obtain employment markets with Chinese the biggest future
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Come from sound of Beijing “2007 China International to resemble data of ” of forum of electronic exposition height showing, industry of game of our country network already entered high speed to send exhibition period, predict the net swam 2010 market dimensions will break through 30 billion yuan. " industry of game of 2006 year China reports " on show, 2006, real sales revenue reached publication market of Chinese network game 6.54 billion yuan, grew 73.5% than 2005; Network game user reachs 31.12 million person, grew 18.5% than 2005; Game industry future may become one of the biggest obtain employment markets.

Game industry offers opportunity of numerous obtain employment

Client of division of artistic design of editor of website of game test, game plan, game, game, game carries software engineer, C/C (Brew) engine of game of operation of game of MobileGameProgrammer, J2MEMobileGameProgrammer, KJAVA, 3D develops video of programmer, game to make, game is three-dimensional these positions of setting division …… tall, salary is high, year breach exceeds 200 thousand. Especially one of base of industry of Chinese number entertainment Beijing, demand occupies 50 % of the whole nation. Websites of a lot of invite applications for a job of famous talented person show: Nearly a few months, average post of game invite applications for a job makes an appointment with 1000, this among them, post occupies 85 % related ” of development of “ game art design, plan, program! Experience of skill, project is developed in “ preferential, below the standard of special choose and employ persons of the ” after record of formal schooling leans, it is the high school that likes sport undoubtedly the opportunity of many obtain employment that unripe, undergraduate students offerred unripe, old technical secondary school to cast off gold of “ of body of doorsill of traditional to apply for a job, ascend to get ” , open the gate with duty successful field!

However, we regret the ground sees not only, action of ” of firewood of 10 thousand January is less than “ person, it is a of company of bemused and numerous game objective fact however.

In spot of invite applications for a job, chief of resource of labor power of some game company says apparently: In game talent pyramid, the demand of close half comes from know the concoctive content such as game element, regular, balance, interface, operation, toll-gate, process designing of language of adroitness control WindowsAPI, C or game animation, setting, specially good effect is made wait for technology of this kind of a gleam of to develop a person with ability, and these, need old technical secondary school to give birth to the game major vocational training that adopts a system to be able to be achieved only. This kind of personnel, we most welcome!

Game only feeling of ” of ability “ firewood is good

1000: 8000——— the firewood fulfil level that these two numbers all come out to leave on duty field, different is, of former delegate is college graduate came 2006 the average monthly pay 2007, after that person, it is the average wage that a month can take game professional, and this number, in highest when can achieve even on 10 thousand.
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