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Game industry: One of obtain employment markets with Chinese the biggest future
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Division of Cheng of 5 years of the engineer of 3 years of assistant with traditional industry, evaluate work, judge senior engineer photograph 8 years to compare, 2-5 of personnel of mere expenditure game year time. Develop road to save the time of close half in occupational not only, and the level of pay is “ heals old cover sweet ” , normally yearly salary is in the professional that has game of 2 years of above to develop experience 100 thousand yuan of above.

Game vocational training, true by real learning “ not anxious is married”

From the point of the obtain employment market nowadays, the manner that game industry treats a talented person is ordinal the be in harmony that is knowledge of ability of innovation of professional skill and working experience, group collaboration experience, project, game meeting and be well versed in, ” of “ record of formal schooling next. The Beijing investigation that digital entertainment industry developeds makes clear, the game business of 92 % thinks vocational training is important, among them, those who think vocational training is very important occupied 40 % ; Think vocational training has 52 % importantly; The enterprise that thinks vocational training is not important has 0.2 % only. The person that the enterprise of nearly 70 % enters firewood respond with a poem office attends game vocational training and acquire couple of certificate of professional technology skill. The reporter understands recently, set group of earlier, teacher, managerial scale as game major, all lie in school student top-ranking game institute, had used “ mastery of a skill or technique the educational mode of ” of record of formal schooling. Through enter a school test ——— enter a school coachs ——— of base of solid example of ——— of operation of project of ——— of drilling of exercitation of ”——— of ———“ scene pedagogy is distinctive “2 net system of obtain employment of 1 platform ” , make student skilled master game skill, increase the job to operate experience actually. In the meantime, in authoritative attestation respect, game institute gets IT of country of “ of branch of industry of game of Chinese software guild, MII the authority of the enterprise of & of international country industry such as ” of project of education of in short supply talent, AUTODESK is approbated. because of such, come nearly two years, a few although record of formal schooling is inferior but have excellent the game college graduate of skill gets the enterprise favors.

The in short supply, order of talent of strong, professional be geared to the needs of the job develops “ profession ability the talent is game college graduate the prime cause that obtain employment rate takes high. Mr. Chen analyses center of Beijing of ” game institute. But at the same time he also emphasizes, obtain employment of game college graduate leads the person that can cross social to apply for a job high, the key still is graduating student can be rational obtain employment, not be pure pursuit a “ is bright ” profession, pass oneself effort however, will open space of occupational “ ascendant ” , ability comes true arrive all one's life from interest truly occupational change!
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