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First the choice that course of study of the choose after obtain employment make
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First the choice that course of study of the choose after obtain employment makes most undergraduate

State religion Yo signs up for a report in: Idea of change choose course of study is the key that in recent years the college has obtain employment publicizes education to graduate all the time, a what kind of characteristic does idea of graduate nowadays obtain employment present? According to " China teachs a newspaper " report, one saves Shijiazhuang in the light of Heibei, judge college of part of and other places of city of water, dark blue, Baoding undertakes " undergraduate obtain employment, poineering problem " questionnaire investigation, job of good to be done further obtain employment provided reference.   
First the choice that course of study of the choose after obtain employment makes most undergraduate. Investigation shows, the student that has 51% chooses first course of study of the choose after obtain employment, the person of 25% chooses first the obtain employment after choose course of study, the person selected pick that has 14% additionally continues to take advanced courses, what after the choice graduates, do poineering work is only 10% . Result of this one statistic makes clear, most graduate already realized the difficulty of choose course of study apparently. 65% choices " first course of study of the choose after obtain employment " and " continue to take advanced courses " the undergraduate has known, want to find ideal working unit, must have deep knowledge, technology and experience base. This one findings shows, most graduate begins to take more agile stance on choose trade problem. Value the job to develop prospect very at pay. In the element that in the university graduation applies for a job to consider above all, "The opportunity that the unit can offer ability of put to good use " , " the development foreground of the unit " and " the unit can be offerred take advanced courses groomed opportunity " 3 respects were occupied respectively 40% , 35% with 26% ; And before by graduate first selection " wage income " and " the work is steady " already retreated respectively resided the 4th to mix the 5th, only 21% with 19% . The develops foreground and oneself progress that this indicates to more and more undergraduates pay attention to unit of choose and employ persons increasingly, begin to use dynamic eye to see a problem, and to wage income and working stability the face looks weaklier and weaklier.  
Professional technology post and administration, institution still accepts favour. On the choice of choose estate industry and obtain employment post, be first selection with administration, institution and professional technology post, occupied respectively 23% , 38% with 43% ; And the risk is bigger, but the market sale with development very much also chance and service line of business are occupied only 6% with 13% . This shows professional technology post more and more get of the undergraduate chase after hold in both hands; But it also shows a lot of undergraduates take up a political career at the same time the ideology that becomes an officer still heavier, the ability that assumes a risk is weaker.  
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