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In the center of the group, institute of Beijing University policy rolls out an
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Obtain employment of graduate of half the number still does not have chart

Beijing obtain employment leads 10 percent of tower above whole nation

6 adults anticipate monthly pay major of 89 yuan of law applies for a job hard

End by May, in the undergraduate students that graduated 2006, above of half the number did not find the job. Yousichengren thinks, obtain employment is relied on " concern net " it is the most efficient way.

This morning, by the Youth League collaboration of public policy institute finishs central school ministry, Beijing University " state of Chinese undergraduate obtain employment was investigated 2006 " the result is announced, the undergraduate course of many 6000 university that should investigate involved sample book to include nearly 100 countrywide colleges is graduate.

Obtain employment scale

Person of half the number was not signed in May about

Number increase sharply reachs graduate of countrywide this year's college this year 4.13 million, obtain employment difficult question is more outstanding. Findings shows, end by May, already signed in graduate of 2006 undergraduate course make an appointment with and already had intention but did not sign those who make an appointment with occupy 49.81% , do not think immediately of course of study occupy 15.02% , and the proportion that did not find the job is 27.25% .

Scale of obtain employment of countrywide this year's graduates

(up to by May)


Did not find the job


The autograph is made an appointment with and already already had intention

15.02% do not think immediately course of study

Newest data

Beijing 6 into already obtain employment

This morning 11 when this investigation that announce is newest data shows, graduate of this year's college already signed Beijing to make an appointment with and already had intention but did not sign the rate that restrict to be 60.37 % , 10 percent of tower above whole nation.

Affect obtain employment factor

Professional law 6 into difficult obtain employment

The student major of this second investigation can differentiate to learn for law, management, labour learns, the course class such as pedagogic, economics, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, history, agronomy, literature, medicine and philosophy. Investigation shows, rate of agriculture student obtain employment is as high as 78.38% , and law major is only 37.85% . By obtain employment level by arrive high low ordinal learn to agronomy, management learns and be versed in, and medicine, pedagogic with law relatively inferior.
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