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About a hundred leave Templar to fall to hire trap to be cheated to count euro
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About a hundred leave Templar to fall to hire trap to be cheated to count euro

One professes to cry " Yang He " person since Feburary 2006, through post kind is being sent on the net, carry out bilk in order to introduce work of summer vacation time for the name, cause about a hundred China to leave Templar to fall into decoy, by cheat number euro. On May 24, china is stationed in French embassy education to be in white Zhang Degong to make hold counsellor reporter of urgent call in, issue the appeal through media: Leave law student to raise vigilance please, draw a lesson, strengthen ego protection, beware be duped.
Narrate according to fall victim student, they are in " the battle is in France " website " invite applications for a job " the column sees a net is called " Rorodlam " the name of hair is " [invite applications for a job] [2006-2-28] [in southern farm is versed in] ensure contract, housing " card, claim to be able to be helped the farm work that picks a peach-shaped thing is found around Lyons, want collection cost of 100 Europe intermediary, if need to seek a room, collect fee of 100 Europe intermediary again, altogether 200 Europe. Say skill sex is the same as, make money single-handed, leave connection address and phone. After a lot of students are contacted with its, this person professes to cry " Yang He " , also be to leave Templar, mix with employer because of working ripe, employer entrusts him to be hired for you, can sign hire hands proof on the spot, be in to go to the lavatory school student, he says to be able to hurry to these student seat collection to intermediary is expended and sign a contract.
On May 21Much at 3 o'clock afternoon, "Yang He " will to Ke Laimeng expend bright city, 30 more than student parts to meet with its in Foyer HOME DOME and railway station. He professes and not merely to work from one person, altogether 4 people collaboration divides the work, among them one person is red elder sister (phonic) . Yang He says, he has lawful farm work contract, and have lawful room, if need to obtain these, everybody must offer 80 euro cash to regard the job as intermediary above all, adscititious 100 euro cash regards accommodation as hire. Be decieved to be on guard the student once put forward to pay with check, but the other side rejected this one demand, say to want ready money only certainly, do not receive check, and do not drive any receipt. Because this is black intermediary,occupying him to say is, any clue that cannot leave to be caught by the police. In the meantime, he narrated the accommodation case that wants working farm in detail, distributed the farm introduction of a detailed and elegant French version, demonstrate plucks those who have a peach-shaped thing and pack the job clearly. What its produce the fixed telephone number that working farm wants somewhat truly on the contract, have the specific place that faxes date and this farm.
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