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How many student is willing to work to the country?
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How many student is willing to work to the country?

Chinese agriculture college exceeds the undergraduate of 50 % to be willing to work to rural basic level, this is the investigation information that releases on forum of talent of agriculture of the 6th China.
I suspect to this data presentation. Because those come from rural child all round me, do not say an undergraduate, it is high school junior high school is unripe, unripe, also rarely a few people are willing to stay in country and mud contact with.
My judgement results from my the ways of the world, and the ways of the world is to cannot place mesa, after all, before the family publishs this data, but pass,investigate. Had investigation to have right to speak naturally. However, very regretful, baconian reach " the undergraduate that agricultural college exceeds 50 % is willing to work to rural basic level " the person of this one conclusion, do not have even basic mathematical common sense it seems that. Investigating data is: "The comes from a country undergraduate of 34 % is willing to go to the country more, the urban undergraduate of about 20 % also is willing. " so the reporter reached the informant of 53.5 % , the conclusion that is willing to work to the country.
Off base. Correct algorithm should be such: The personage says student of large half the number comes from a country related this school, the student that calculates 80 % for the moment comes from a country, among them the student of 34 % is willing to work to the country more, so in every 100 name farming undergraduates, the comes from a country student that is willing to work to the country more is 27.2 people. In student of city of additionally 20 famous cities, what be willing to work to the country more is 4 people, accordingly, investigation statistic result should be the student of 31.2 % , be willing to work to the country more. The 80 % that if this school comes from rural undergraduate to exceed this officer,total student counts, this data raises in a way somewhat, reduce even conversely.
Can see from the report, the job that designs in the country for these undergraduates in investigation is to do " village official " . Be in great majority place, "Village official " people become official finally very hard, if cannot become official, how did these wait for student of a few years to do later in the country? And " village official " this post, need villager vote originally, support organization arrangement is done " village official " break the law. More what is more,the rather that, in the country the job also includes to do only not just absolutely " village official " , doing not have any law to provide in every case is the undergraduate reached a village must be an official.
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