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To apply for a job person the heel of Achilles of resume
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To apply for a job person the heel of Achilles of resume

9 kinds affect the idea no good of your profession future

- my target becomes a president namely

Many people believe " the soldier that does not want to become a general is not good soldier " this word. Actually, in real life, the general's position is very few, if everybody's target is to think of top layer, so, this kind of subjective desire produces gap with respect to meeting and external condition, when making you are implementing a plan, produce a lot of setbacks. Accordingly, want when affirmatory profession future from set out actually, practical.

- can become good subordinate can become good officer

Fine athlete is not good coach certainly, after the preferment such as exceedingly good engineer, salesperson is in charge of, a few expression are behaved however not beautiful, because the director still needs the requirement beyond the job,this is, wait like decision-making ability, harmonious ability, organization capacity. So, do well in a certain position, do not show you also can be done well in other position.

- successful key depends on luck

A lot of people are certain because have good chance,the success is, accordingly, they await the arrangement of the destiny passively, and do not go the active plan, life that runs oneself, this kind of person can be wait for windfalls only, empty-handed.

- the thing that making a plan is human affairs branch

Professional future plan is the responsibility that organization and individual both sides share, the final person that come true is an individual. Accordingly, you cannot hold the manner of the take a passive attitude towards one's work in the arms to approach your tomorrow.

- have overwork job only, ability gets appreciation

Some people think, working hours is longer, what can show oneself more is assiduous. Actually, work efficiency and working outstanding achievement are the most important, all the day busy but do not give gain, not be an active worker.

- the speed that decides preferment by the boss

If too superstitious the boss influence to your preferment, you can hamper you grow truly because of catering to his likes and dislikes. If you failed, you can ascribe to again boss, and the problem that cannot see oneself, such meetings make your go astray.

- corrected defect ability to get preferment only

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