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The 10 big contraindication in field of professional female duty
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The 10 big contraindication in field of professional female duty

Every time you are received hear a telephone call, when attend the meeting or communicating with the boss, you are working. The content that you talk is very reasonable perhaps, but expressive means may not is optimal. Did not let indigent working skill affect your outstanding achievement. It is the item that must notice below:

1. Nod too much

When the woman nods, they express " I understood " . And man often nod understanding is the viewpoint that agrees with them, nod too much can be regarded as weak performance.

2. Talk aloud

Tone rises suddenly in fine of a sentence, giving the person's feeling to seem is to should put forward what problem to be opposite in order to show his of this matter do not believe. But most woman does not take this seriously. So you should try to reduce the dialect when ending speech, more authoritative sex goes on made audition.

3. Pet phrase

Some people turn communication job into rhetorical question and the requirement gets confirming: "This is a good idea, don't you consider as such? " " we have best working group, right? " be similar to such pet phrase to be able to reduce authority and authentic sex, should avoid so.

4. Decorate

Some words resemble " just, I wish, guess " the person that can make convey and convey message are despised. "This is an idea only. " " I am an abecedarian only. " " I wish I am dry pretty good. " " I think I have a problem. " the person that these statements make clear expression self-doubt heart, and the news that tells auditor place expression nots matter. Same, frequent apology also is impertinent. Should replace the vocabulary of those weak and incompetent with strong language.

5. Allow to interrupt

The man can be inserted suddenly into for the issue that oneself consider to say, they prefer to interrupt others than the woman; And the woman often can tolerate oneself word is interrupted. So you do not say please " I had not said " or " the question that reserves you first please " the word of and so on, also can continue to made a speech to be over till expression till oneself opinion.

6. Await the invitation of other

Inside commercial group, cannot bold talker often is considered as to do not have knowledge, in the speech that so you want to throw every time conference actively. Some women are waiting for other to invite them to make a speech, or know how to make a speech far from. Be in so proper when interrupt other to clarify oneself viewpoint is very important, you must learn to let others hear your opinion.
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