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Wu Bo
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The individual is basic data------------------------------------------------>
Sexual distinction: ? birth date: 1965-5-6
Nation: Appearance of crane? politics: Brown?
Census register seat: Limit uncle friend?
Highest education degree: Cane?
Professional: Cave?
Graduate school: Does limit mother's brother tick off Gou?
Have a title: Bits?
Hope working requirement — contacts information-------------------------------------->
Type of to apply for a job: Ma?
Apply for post: Bei of cave duckweed pa?
Hope workplace: Limit uncle friend?
Salary requirement: The face is discussed
The individual is main specialty - relevant work experience----------------------------------->
Foreign language specialty: ? grade: ?
Mandarin degree: Sunlight? computer capacity: Word?
Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Relevant work experience: 22 years

1984 - accountant of cost of state-owned 2000 company
2000 - accountant of accounting of industry of meal of illicit look forward to was in charge of 2008

Contact: Liao?
Connect a telephone call: 13555587508
Pager number: 13555587508
OICQ number: Thick?
Individual homepage: HTtp://
Contact an address: Does limit husband's father?

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