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Li Dafang
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The individual is basic data------------------------------------------------>
Sexual distinction: ? birth date: 1983-05-03
Nation: Appearance of crane? politics: By?
Census register seat: Limit uncle friend?
Highest education degree: Cane?
Professional: Attack Qian  τ ?
Graduate school: Does limit mother's brother tick off г of Xian of border of eyebrow of Gou в τ ?
Have a title: Yan?
Hope working requirement — contacts information-------------------------------------->
Type of to apply for a job:  ?
Apply for post: Is ⑽ of Song of the Sui that surname  taken?
Hope workplace: Limit uncle friend?
Salary requirement: Monthly pay [1000]RMB
Other requirement:

Have legal holiday, sign labor contract

The individual is main specialty - relevant work experience----------------------------------->
Foreign language specialty: ⒂ ? grade: Oneself?
Mandarin degree: Sunlight? computer capacity: Oneself?
Other is main specialty:

Applied writing, computer is common the processing of the problem

Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Relevant work experience: 4Year

Came in August 2004 Si Huanxing machine took programmer beautiful wood in June 2005 limited company
Came in June 2005 university of Mu Si of office staff beautiful continued to teach a college in March 2006
Came in March 2006 in March 2007 Mu Sitian of beautiful of administrative article secret limited company of 100 million science and technology
Came in March 2007 Mu Siheng of beautiful of administrative office staff is strange in May 2008 trade limited company (agency of employment of milk of Inner Mongolia unconscious ox)

Contact: Midge of the She nationality?
Connect a telephone call: 13039605243
Pager number: 13039605243
OICQ number: 84285651
Individual homepage: HTtp://
Contact an address: Beautiful of? of ∏ of incomplete of enough  of limit mother's brother is spun around)

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