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Wang Haifeng
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The individual is basic data------------------------------------------------>
Sexual distinction: ? birth date: 1977-01-26
Nation: Appearance of crane? politics: By?
Census register seat: Is  avoid wrung?
Highest education degree: Investigate?
Professional: Chinese of dizzy difficult? edits river americium)
Graduate school: Gou of Zou   ?
Have a title: Yan?
Hope working requirement — contacts information-------------------------------------->
Type of to apply for a job:  ?
Apply for post: Fei? is sold, hotel. . . .
Hope workplace:    ?
Salary requirement: The face is discussed
Other requirement:

The job is not afraid of far road, if have difference,fill again.
Do not care to accept unfamiliar, did not begin to be done not have next, life learns ceaselessly namely, ceaseless go through the mill just can experience living value,
Hoard as a rare commodity just is elegant demeanour is essential reveal

The individual is main specialty - relevant work experience----------------------------------->
Foreign language specialty: ⒂ ? grade: Word?
Mandarin degree: Sunlight? computer capacity: Oneself?
Other is main specialty:

Management fastens psychology,
Article strength is solid, plan, sale,
Also be familiar with quite related hotel management

Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Relevant work experience: 6Year

In October 2002---In Feburary 2003, reporter of learn on job of Daqing evening paper
In May 2003----In May 2005. Group of Nanjing midrib science and technology, peony river branch, engineer sale ministry, minister
In June 2005---In July 2006. Peony river establishs project machinery group, neat, big, inside, (Qiqihaer, daqing, inner Mongolia) large area selling manager,
In August 2006---In August 2007. China world other people sheds a group, manager of branch of Fujian Pu cropland.
In August 2007- - in January 2008. Oneself achieve already battalion sportswear to act the role of,
March 2008- - in September 2008, beijing day force invests, hotel of muscularity of sky of double duck mountain (4 stars) manager of guest room department, employee grooms department manager

Contact: Cuo 7?
Connect a telephone call: 0454-8988200
Pager number: 13555165008
OICQ number: 46246078
Individual homepage: C?
Contact an address: Does limit husband's father?

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