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Luo Qiuju
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The individual is basic data------------------------------------------------>
Sexual distinction: ? birth date: 1987-10-26
Nation: Appearance of crane? politics: By?
Census register seat: Limit uncle friend?
Highest education degree: Yan?
Professional: Frequency La Fei?
Graduate school: Is limit uncle friend new rotten nest  ?
Have a title: Yan?
Hope working requirement — contacts information-------------------------------------->
Type of to apply for a job:  ?
Apply for post: Head of  haying leech?
Hope workplace: Limit uncle friend?
Salary requirement: Monthly pay [1000]RMB
The individual is main specialty - relevant work experience----------------------------------->
Foreign language specialty: ? grade: ?
Mandarin degree: Sunlight? computer capacity: Happy event?
Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Relevant work experience: 3Year

Came to jackarooed in Heibei Langfang in October 2006 in September 2005 new service of abstruse group public house and management

Come at the beginning of 2007 edifice of Mu Siru meaning recieved beautiful downstage in September 2007

Came in October 2007 sale of square steam trade held beautiful Mu Sibei concurrently in October 2008 civil member

Contact: Big-eared a small ingot of gold or silver?
Connect a telephone call: 13555588117
Pager number: 15845458255
OICQ number: Thick?
Individual homepage: HTtp://
Contact an address: Does limit husband's father?

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