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Interview, your brains wants one divides into two (on)
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To a to apply for a job person for, program of a clear profession is one of crucial factors with duty successful field. Generally speaking, scientific profession plans to basically include two fields: One, professional target; 2, the profession develops way. A lot of friends can have such bewilderment: He is very clear oneself professional target, also know oneself want to go to which respect develops, but be in,involve development route to go up, he goes flabby step by step however. Be aimed at such problem, today, alone what beautiful profession adviser analyses with you is the first pace in professional development route: Interview!

Be in whole in applying for a process, interview is the one link that has conclusive sense most undoubtedly, the getaway that also is program of your profession career link, the issue involves success or failure. What it makes an on-the-spot investigation is integrated quality of applicant, also be to apply for a job at the same time person the best opportune moment that shows oneself quality, ability, character in the round. Interview play is outstanding, can make up for previous written examination or be a few inadequacy that other condition is like record of formal schooling, major to go up. In a few link that apply for, interview also is the one annulus with the greatest difficulty. Alone what beautiful profession adviser is recieving is numerous in the person that seek advice, how to deal with interview to also become major person pressing the issue that wants to solve. Our advisory adviser passes analysis of a few case, to how succeeding interview, sum up roughly gave the following sides:

One, you want a bosom friend of course, but should tell a person more

Have a sober acknowledge to oneself, it is the most crucial one step in process of to apply for a job. What do you want to do? Are you able what? What had you learned? What do you have to go qualitative? What is your true disposition characteristic? You suit to develop on what kind of post, what does the professional type that you suit have? You are in what respect presence is scant, where may oneself exceed the competitor's advantage to be in again? Where is the flashy particle that you can attract interview official to notice again …… is all this a series of problems, you are necessary static come down, do an objective and sober ego to evaluate.

“ bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger ” . Be determined to want to seek a job into a company, you are necessary to be opposite above all the square field surface of this company becomes an all-around knowledge. What should remind particularly is, do not want oversight the gist thought of the company, the management content of the company and development target, in the meantime, the boss' experience and hobby also not allow to ignore.

Case: Xiaowang is the boy with more shallow experience of a work, be smart, those who learn is civil engineering major, it is to pass the three-year institution of higher learning that teach by correspondence to be born. Be in alone in the client that excellent place accepts, administrative levels of his record of formal schooling should be to belong to a lower kind that, also because such, the problem of record of formal schooling also became the doorsill in process of small king to apply for a job all the time. Worked 3 years to always feel the job that cannot find oneself to like truly however. Xiaowang tells us cordially, he thinks the group of a construction that goes to Hangzhou works very much, “ but the family is big group then, not be the ” that goes in so easily, because he goes before a year,interview passes, the result was brushed to come down, this brought the shade that goes up in a few hearts to him.
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