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Interview, your brains wants one divides into two (on)
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The expert passes the integral evaluation to Xiaowang and comprehensive analysis, gave his a few corresponding interview guidance. Be based on Xiaowang to think the desire of this industry group agog, according to Xiaowang's specialty, we recommended a few post that compare a foundation to him, include the engineering construction section that him Xiaowang once had been applied for among them, although starting point is lower, can be the opportunity that go in the conference is a lot of bigger. In the meantime, we also carry dozen of scout of a few respects, understanding also has made construction when the manager to this group is young, be in then interview when, suggest Xiaowang elaborates his aspiration and ideal again, little imagine, the boss' very willing issue that discusses this facet with this boy, gave his “ to try the opportunity of ” , in the group that longs for day and night in this as a result, small Wang Hao learns to agree to work, cautious and conscientious, blade of working upper reaches is superabundant, become boss most the following of appreciation. In the phone that communicates the current situation with us, the joyance that we can experience Xiaowang apparently and contented.

2, you want to decorate of course, but more want guileless

In the brain of a lot of people, can have a kind of such consciousness: To apply for a job is an important matter of life, interview is Chongzhongzhi is weighed more, oneself should dress up well of course, to take an examination of an official a good “ ” of the first impression. Then, in each big media each are big on newspapers and periodicals, to apply for a job person the expense of beautiful your writing comes “ packs him ” , buy a few actor's costumes close to luxury to dress up oneself news common occurance. Admittedly, if you link your image,do bad, the slovenly in La, be no good apparently. But this should hold a spent issue.

Case 2: Fang Yan (alias) the undergraduate course that is major of Chinese character literature is graduate, as a result of professional property, she applied for the civil service of a few companies to work, send resume before long very successful received interview to invite, but always was not heard of any more however after interview every time. Then she came alone beautiful, the asks we make interview field to her guidance with very clear purpose. The dress that carries square young lady dresses up, alone beautiful adviser straight from the shoulder a when when pointing out to apply for a job of square young lady, make above all big fear: Too halfback! What apply for because of square young lady is civil member one duty, the sense that gives a person should be should having affinity gravely just is. Like but square young lady is new new mankind dress up, the interview official maybe that encounters young dot is returned a little a bit better, but if encounter an age to contrast old old leadership, can be he accepted? After all you are not the job that goes applying for the avant-courier such as model, dress must not halfback, contemporary breath is little not, but scarcely can exceed what is proper. Such problem, perhaps you saw can feel to compare absurdity, is you can think ” of your “ figure project has been done a very easy thing? Really, it is not difficult to had done it, but you can be in a lot of moment imperceptible in the person that be immersed in “ authorities is confused, the circumstances of ” of the onlookers see most clearly. According to the requirement of square young lady, we pass her to be elaborated to what interview experiences before oneself, she gave to have the guidance of specific aim quite on a few detail, believe square young lady will surely carry interview smoothly last bank on road of this to apply for a job.
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