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10 small move " bright " the resume that gives you
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Because of working reason, can receive everyday apply for resume in great quantities. Those who look became much can be opposite naturally resume produces sensitivity. The friends that sum up a few content to offer me so are referenced.

1, the content of —— of the mainest demand of resume is comprehensive: When receiving resume classics regular meeting has a few resume very simple, have short content only. This kind of resume reduced the chance that is passed greatly actually when cast. When normally human affairs branch is being examined, can judge the requirement that whether accords with company position according to applicant's circumstance and working content, if too simple, it is to explain he work and other experience are not abounded, the 2 expressive ability that are oneself and ponder over ability when anything crops up not quite comprehensive, the job that goes to oneself namely does not have too big understanding, the job that goes probably is simple completely cannot again simple bagatelle, without too great sense.

2, photograph: The person that the picture puts above resume normally is less still, but two kinds of cases that him allergy puts a picture: It is put picture it is to use computer to photograph what film like the head, normally this kind of photograph is not clear about quite, the effect that take is bad. The photograph is put is huge owes a consideration. 2 be too the craft that cross illuminates: Unit of choose and employ persons sees a person should not see art illuminate, normally art is illuminated have a place actually with oneself not conform to, do not have too big use so.

3, telephone number incorrect or close machine or essential nobody to receive: This kind of applicant is done not have at all apply for regard as one and the same, take an opportunity seriously far from, waste bilateral time.

4, send with accessory form: In the times of virus indulge in wilful persecution, had better not send resume with accessory form, HR fears computer contracts virus, won't open this kind of resume sometimes, expunge directly.

5, groom: Those who had attended grooming also is a focal point that unit of choose and employ persons sees, groom content can be to drive, professional and competent, professional grade, it is even outside the curricular class that attend, anyhow needs to have a few content, and have groom simply content introduction; 6, should have resume of specific aim deliver: Cannot be in deliver is used when the resume of every company exactly like content. Requirement of company invite applications for a job and side key do OK and proper basis to was revised, in order to increase the chance that resume passes.

7, target of to apply for a job is unfavorable and overmuch: Before to apply for a job need decides post of his target of to apply for a job. If want,apply for director or director post. Do not keep assistant post along with all the others on. Lest give a person,a kind of “ should have the job only, it what do is OK to what do the feeling of ” . Also can apply the 6th of course, do the station that has specific aim to apply for according to the position of the company.
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