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10 small move " bright " the resume that gives you
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8, the accident of resume: Resume content with less than of paper of two pages A4 advisable, substantially sees time be beautiful with 10 seconds. The size of font and integral effect want beautiful. Simple palpability.

9, the deliver effect of traditional correspondence will be much better: Pass the electronic edition resume that E-mail and website hand over, gotten attention is less than passing mail to want. In addition, the electronic resume that has a share possibly because network or other issue were not seen by HR. Accordingly, the machine that can use traditional correspondence to be examined in order to increase is led. Unless unit of invite applications for a job has,make clear denotive.

10, the a bit most important —— resume must true: Increase gradually in manpower resource cost today, especially after new labor contract law is carried out, correspondence of unit of choose and employ persons hires the setting of personnel to be able to pay close attention to all the more, make setting investigation, in order to increase the quality of invite applications for a job, reduce staff improper repulsive wait for brought compensatory issue. Had better make clear in resume so leave one's post reason, the authenticator waits for information, assure authenticity, with increasing the efficiency that apply for.

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